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Entropion is a condition within the eyes that mainly occurs in adults over the age of 60. Most of the time, entropion occurs because of genetic factors, spasms age or but there are congenital issues that can cause the deformity as well.

An infection by the name of trachoma can cause scarring to occur inside the eyelid and the actual scarring can cause the eyelid to deform on the inside which makes the eyelid curve in towards the eyeball itself.

Entropion Symptoms:

  • Constant tears in excessive amounts
  • Impaired vision; slightly to severely
  • Saggy and or puffy skin surrounding the eye
  • Harsh winds and light cause discomfort
  • Most common symptom is severe pain and red areas within and around the eye

The main problem with entropion is that is causes a lot of discomfort but not only for the one who is suffering from it. Entropion also effects and damages the cornea itself which leads to the vision being damaged. This is what makes treatment very important because risking blindness is a chance that you don’t want to take but eventually, the entropion will destroy the eye.

As for fixing the blindness associated with or without entropion, it is a hard subject to tackle as most procedures don’t provide a definite outcome for fixing the impaired vision. The scarring that causes this condition will physically damage the cornea unlike those who are born blind so surgeries for vision correction come with various results.

Treatment for Entropion:

Surgery is the only treatment for entropion because it is not caused by bacteria, germs, viruses or anything else like that. It is technically caused by a deformity that causes scarring which damages the eye even further and the only way to correct such an issue is to surgically correct it.

If the entropion is still in the early stages and damage to the cornea hasn’t occurred there will be a much better chance of fixing the entire situation. Sadly, if the damage to the cornea is extensive the condition will need to be taken to a specialist instead.

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