Epilation Laser | An Expensive Razor

Epilation Laser basically is a machine which emits a laser beam that cauterises or burns the hair follicle. With the hair follicle, the nerve endings at the hair follicle too get damaged, as a result of which the hair can be plucked out without any pain. Hence Epilation is a rather painless mechanism of hair removal. Since the hair follicle is damaged there is no chance of regrowth of the hair and thus it is a permanent method of hair removal. Unwanted body hair is best removed by this method. Owing to the use of laser beams and costly equipment, the overall cost of the procedure increases. Thus hair removal by the Epilation Laser technique is one of the most costly methods of hair removal.

Various methods of hair removal: Since ages, women have tried and tested innumerable ways to get rid of unwanted hair. Shaving has been the most reliable, cheapest and easiest method of hair removal. The only downside seems to be that it only provides a temporary solution to the menace of unwanted hair. Also the hair that grows back tends to be rougher and thicker than the original hair. The skin over the area shaved too tends to get rough owing to repeated minor injuries by the razor.

By 1960’s Epilation machines were invented. When these were just introduced in the markets, they were not very portable. Hence were available only in beauty salons. With time these machines were made much more compact and user friendly and they soon became a common household commodity. It is easy to use and causes minimal injuries to the skin, unlike a razor. It consists of tweezers placed close to each other, they run at a high speed and cut any hair they come in contact with. However hair removal by this method too is only temporary and tiny hair are mostly retained back.

Eventually by mid 1990’s laser technology was made use of for hair removal. The innovation of the Epilation Laser is considered as a path breaking technology in the removal of unwanted hair. It is the most permanent method of hair removal available till date.

Number of sessions required: In order to ensure optimum results, most patients need to undergo a minimum of seven sittings. However it depends on various parameters like the area of body treated, any associated medical condition causing hair growth and gender.

Interval between sessions: Once laser treatment is done, the hair should be left to fall out on its own. All types of manipulation by the patient in order to fasten the fall must be avoided. A gap of three to eight weeks apart is ideal between two laser treatments. However the frequency of the Epilation Laser treatment will vary depending on the area, facial hair removal will require more frequent intervention as compared to the hair on legs.

Side effects: Although this method is quite costly and highly sophisticated, it still causes some side effects. Following the procedure, patients experience considerable redness over the area, this may be due to inflammation caused by the use of laser. Some patients develop hypo pigmented patches over the area which may last for some weeks. Few others may develop blisters, purpura over the area.

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