Finding A Free Eye Exam Is Easy

It is rightly said that God’s greatest gift to man is the gift of vision. Our eyes are one of the most priceless organs and must be not be neglected. It is therefore prudent and wise to make regular visits to the opthamologist or optometrist to get your eyes examined and assessed. An eye exam is the best way to detect any potential eye infection or disease which can be given the right treatment with the correct medication and or surgical procedure. Free eye exam is a boon to us and we must not hesitate to grab the opportunity to obtain a thorough eye check up free of cost!

Professionals in the field of health care repeatedly advise and recommend that all of us must periodically get our eyes checked by a professional in a systematic and thorough manner. This must be a part of our routine primary health care and not a one off endeavor.  We must keep in mind that many potentially threatening eye infections and diseases are asymptomatic. So regular eye examinations are always wise and making use of the free eye exam is sensible.

It is important for that you get your eyes tested and checked every two to four years if you are below 40 years of age, every three years if you are between the age of 40 to 54, every one to two years if you are between the age group of 55 to 64 and every six to 12 months if you are above the age of 65.

It doesn’t take long for a simple eye infection to escalate into something potentially malignant and dangerous. If we neglect an infection and do not take the right treatment, we can complicate matters that will have severe consequences on our vision. It is however true that even though we are aware of the symptoms and can understand the signs of an incoming infection, not everyone can afford to undertake regular eye examinations. Moreover the medical procedures, treatment and medication are also very expensive and medical/vision insurance does not cover all facets. In this situation it is advisable to visit the free eye exam centers and get your eyes checked.

The checkup is supervised and conducted by trained professionals who volunteer to give their time and expertise for the benefit of those who cannot spend big money on eye care. Here all the equipment used is sterilized and up to date. The examination is conducted in an orderly manner where all those present for a free eye check up, return home with important tips on eye care, maintaining a healthy vision and honest views on any potential eye disease.

A number of tests are conducted at the free eye exam such as an external examination where the eyelids, surrounding tissue, cornea, pupil and palpebral tissue are examined. The Pupil function, Ocular Motility and Visual Acuity are also checked here. There are special tests conducted for children which fall under the category of pediatric opthamology.

So get your eyes checked today at a free eye exam near you. Remember prevention is better than cure, so read the symptoms before the disaster.


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