Flu Shot Reactions To Watch For

Flu is the most common reason for a person to be hospitalized. In serious conditions, the flu can be fatal. Statistics show that each year at least 35,000-36,000 people die of flu. This flu is caused by the influenza virus. The mortality rate can be drastically reduced by taking vaccines available at various hospitals and other authorized institutes for preventing flu caused by the influenza virus. Generally an annual flu shot is recommended for people who want to reduce the chances of getting flu. However, there can be some flu shot reactions after taking this shot.

Flu shots are generally safe and are recommended by many doctors but it is contraindicated in certain individuals like:

-In individuals who have suffered from an allergic reaction after getting a flu shot in the past. This is one of the serious flu shot reaction.

-flu shots are also not recommended for people who suffer from an egg allergy.

-some individuals suffer from this rare syndrome known as the Guillain-Barre syndrome. In this syndrome the immune system of the body starts to attack the nervous system of the body. This is a rare side effect seen after getting the flu shot. This kind of happening is seen to occur within 6 weeks after getting an influenza virus shot.

Some of the other general flu shot reactions are as follows:

-some individuals suffer from symptoms which are similar to those after catching a cold. Running nose, sore throat, headaches, stuffy nose, nausea some may suffer from cough and body aches.

In rare cases symptoms such as vomiting occur. Some suffer from a low grade fever along with muscle ache.

These symptoms last for a day or two. The condition is seen to improve on its own in a few days.

Flu shot reactions can be divided into three categories:

-local flu shot reactions.

-systemic flu shot reactions.

-allergic flu shot reactions.

A) Local flu shot reactions:

These are very mild reactions seen at the site at which the flu shot was given. These reactions include pain and swelling at the site of injection. These kinds of symptoms last only for about two days.

B) Systemic flu shot reactions:

As the name suggests these reactions show systemic changes in the body. These flu shot reactions do not appear immediately after the shot is taken. The symptoms of these are seen after 6 to 12 hours after the shot is administered. There are signs of mild fever, sometimes a rash develops, malaise, nausea, cramping and body ache are some of the reactions seen after getting a flu shot.  Again, these symptoms last for about two days.

C) Allergic flu shot reactions:

Some people suffer from an allergic reaction after the shot. These are seen to occur in those individuals who suffer from an egg allergy. Allergic reactions such as hives, angioedema and other forms of anaphylactic reactions are seen.

Flu shot reaction occurs commonly while taking the shot for the first time. The same side effects will mostly not occur when the next flu shot is taken or even if the side effects do occur they will be very mild in nature. If the flu shot reactions were very severe while taking the first shot then the doctor should be informed about this as care and necessary precautions should be taken while taking the second flu shot.

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