Free Weight Loss Programs Online – How Effective?

Nowadays, losing weight seems to be more convenient with many websites offering free weight loss programs online. With these online offers, people who wanted to come up with a program to lose weight no longer need to see (and pay) a professional trainer, nutritionist or doctor. By just visiting a website, one can create an account and come up with a free weight loss programs online.

While this may seem to be a convenient and economical way to lose weight, whether this program is effective is something that raises people’s concern. Since these are generic type of programs that are designed to be used by individuals regardless of certain personal condition, the efficacy of these program can be easily challenged.

Common to all these free weight loss programs online is the offer of having various tools that allows the user to create a journal that keeps track of the individual’s activities, food and calorie intake and exercise routines. Generally, it comes with a calculator that computes all the required calories that is needed to be burnt.

While the questionnaires that are required to be filled out by the user states some existing medical, physical, mental and psychological conditions, fact still remains that these programs are not personally designed for the person who is about to use it. Although all these facts may help in determining types of programs that can work for the person, it is still a generic type of program that uses the process of elimination in determining which program may be best suited for the person.

The suggested programs comprise basically two factors, diet and exercise. You will be provided with suggested workout and diet plans based on the account that you created and the amount of weight that you want to lose in a period that you want to lose it. Generally, this can work for some people whose system functions in a normal pattern, e.g. good metabolism, eating habit, etc.

People that have medical conditions of physical problems may have a difficult time losing weight while following the programs that was generated and suggested by these free online tools. Since there are certain conditions that may prevent the normal weight lose provided by these suggestions, the amount of weight loss and the period that involves the actual losing of weight may not be as reliable.

There are many studies that claims that programs generated from this online resources actually worked. There is no denying that these programs may help and have probably helped people lose weight. Since it entails monitoring the diet and giving out exercise routine, religiously following these can really help people lose weight. However, in all cases that involves health and wellness, getting an opinion of an expert is always essential.

Our body differs from everyone else, while losing weight involves diet and exercise, proper consultation must always be made. Especially if there will be a lot of losing that is involved, getting an expert advice is what is essential.


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