Gout Diet to the Rescue

Gout is a form of arthritis. It usually affects the cooler parts of the body like the feet or toes. This condition arises due to excess uric acid in the bloodstream. In this condition needle like deposits are seen in the joints which cause swelling, redness and extreme pain. This condition is more commonly seen in overweight people. Diet plays an important role in both causing as well as reducing painful attacks of gout. A gout diet is generally recommended for people suffering from gout. Gout cases are seen to occur more commonly in men.

In normal conditions the uric acid is dissolved in the bloodstream. The problem can arise if:

–       If the kidneys are not functioning properly due to which excess uric acid is not getting eliminated out of the body.

–       Or if there is a general increase in uric acid production.

–       There can be an increase in the consumption of food that after being broken down to, form uric acid. Foodstuff containing purines are generally broken down to form uric acid.



High purine food should be avoided.

High purine containing foods include:

-Organ meat like brain, liver




Moderate purine containing foods include:





-fresh and salt water fish

Low purine containing foods include:



-peanut butter


-fruit juices

-soft drinks


Certain things are suggested while following a gout diet.

Mushrooms as well as a number of vegetables such as cauliflower, lentils and asparagus are high in purines. These should be eaten in moderation. Food containing high purines should be avoided. Meat and fish may not be entirely cut from diet, these taken in moderation are essential for a healthy living.

-Foods that should be included while following the gout diet are:

Research shows that people having a diet rich in dairy products have a less chance of developing gout.

Those who have highest vitamin c intake show a very less chance of developing gout.

Studies show that a diet which contains 500mg of vitamin c lowers the blood uric acid level.

Ideally the purine intake should not be more than 200mg daily.

Eating a healthy diet is essential. All the necessary nutrients needed for a healthy life should be included in the diet.

Plenty of vegetables and fruits should be included in the diet. Bread, cereals and potatoes should be included in the diet.

Meat, fish, dairy products should be taken in moderation.

Vegetables have a low source of purine in general. Peas, corn and potatoes should be watched out for. One should avoide eating them in excess.

Wild or black cherries have shown to reduce the pain in cases of a gout attack. This is mainly because they contain a substance will quickly reduces the uric acid content in the body.


People who suffer from gout should avoid foods that are rich in purines or take them in moderation. Or find replacements for those foods. They should choose a diet which has less purine content.

People suffering from gout should drink plenty of water (8-10 glasses per day)

This helps in flushing out the excess uric acid which is formed in the body.

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