Heart Attack Symptoms In Men

To identify and thereafter correctly treat the condition is very essential. The first hour after the heart attack occurs is very crucial. The condition would worsen drastically and the life expectancy would be greatly affected after this first crucial hour passes. Hence to indentify correct heart attack symptoms are very essential. Heart attack symptoms seen in men are different from the symptoms seen in women.

Some of the main heart attack symptoms in men are discussed below:

  • ·         Pain in the chest: chest pain is one of the most important first symptoms of heart attack. The pain is acute in nature, which lasts for a couple of minutes. Patients feel this fullness in the chest area.
  • ·         Sudden discomfort: one major symptom is discomfort. This discomfort is specially felt in the abdominal area. There is this fullness which is felt. This kind of pain is referred in nature.
  • ·         Radiating pain: pain radiates to other body parts including the shoulder, the arms, the back and sometimes teeth. Pain which radiates is again an important heart attack symptom in men which should be watched out for.
  • ·         Short breath: shortness of breath is another most common symptom seen in men. This condition arises as there is inadequate oxygen supply. Inadequate oxygen supply again occurs due to the lack to blood supply to some of the heart muscles.
  • ·         Sweating: people who suffer from a heart attack undergo intense sweating. This is one of the common heart attack symptoms in men. Most people associate this symptom due to any other factor. But this symptom should be taken seriously otherwise the heart attack can prove to be fatal.
  • ·         Fainting attacks: due to various reasons fainting attack may occur. This is again one common symptom of a heart attack which is mostly ignored by people. Fainting can result due to less oxygen supply or sudden hypotension. If fainting occurs especially when it is accompanied with profuse sweating immediate medical help should be called for. This is one symptom that people fail to take seriously and consider it happening for some other reason.
  • ·         Nausea and vomiting: nausea and vomiting occur due to several reasons. But this is one important symptom of a heart attack. Medical help should be immediately called for when there is presence of blood in the vomit. This is a sign which shows that there is another heart attack which may occur.
  • ·         Feeling of lightheadedness: lightheadedness is another sign which are seen in many individuals before an actual heart attack occur.
  • ·         Anxiety: not a common sign of a heart attack but research shows that many individuals suffer from anxiety attacks before they suffer from a heart attack.
  • ·         Indigestion with heartburn: this occurs after a person suffers from a heart attack and is one of the heart attack symptoms in men.

Heart attack symptoms in men vary from each individual. Some people complain of a dull kind of pain which may be persistent for hours before the attack. Some complain of throbbing kind of pain which may occur suddenly. So these common heart attack symptoms in men should be noted and medical help should be called for as soon as any kind of discomfort is felt.

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