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If you are looking for a heart rate monitor watch to buy, there are several factors that you need to consider. For one, there is a wide variety of models and styles to choose from with various functionality levels that can range anywhere from the most basic models (heart rate zone watch) to the most advanced computerized models. A sportsman or athlete of any physical shape or condition can definitely find a model that will suit his particular needs.

Before buying a heart rate monitor watch, it is important that you determine first what you need it for and how you are going to use it. After all, there is a lot more things to consider than just the price. Identify which information and statistics you need to measure in your workouts or runs. If you really need a serious model, you should be prepared to spend a little more. It will be useless to buy a model that cannot do, and will not provide what you need it to do and provide.

It may also be good to consider things that you will need down the line, say five or six months later when the state of your physical fitness improves. Will you still be able to use your heart monitor watch or will you need to buy another one because the old one can no longer suffice for your current needs? Following are some of the other questions you may need to ask yourself before committing to buy a monitor watch and parting with your hard-earned money.

• Would you prefer to view the statistics on a computer monitor or on the screen of your watch?

• Do you need pace, distance, speed information, or all of them?

• What sports are you engaged in – running, swimming, cycling, triathlon, etc?

• Do you require just the basic info or the more complicated data and statistics about your training?

• Do you workout indoors with gym equipment like a treadmill, or do you train outdoors on open terrain, on a track, in an ocean, a pool, or on a velodrome?

• Will you need a watch that has coaching features or built-in training programs?

• Will you require memory for just one workout session or will you need a bigger storage capacity with analytic features?

• Do you require just an instantaneous system to measure your pulse, or do you need to continuously get your heart rate information?

• Will you need navigational and outdoor features such as a barometer, altimeter, compass, and GPS?


With a little planning, you may be able to buy a particular heart rate monitor watch that will have some features you will not outgrow, and some others that you will grow into, in time. Although the more advanced models have many features that you may not currently need, you may be able to appreciate them in the future when your training goals elevate into new heights. In that sense, buying such a model now may be considered an investment more than overkill, and not a waste of money.


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