Hepatitis (HBV) Symptoms, Causes and Treatments

There are seven kinds of Hepatitis/HBV known and Hepatitis/HBV is probably one of the more common types known to be infecting people. Hepatitis will inflame the liver but does not usually cause a large amount of problems in individuals and very rarely causes death.

Hepatitis/HBV is a highly contagious virus that passes from person to person and from handling items that an infected individual has used that has the virus on it. It’s also known to be a sexually transmitted disease because it can be passed on that way from person to person.

Some of the symptoms of Hepatitis/HBV are the following listed below but are not limited to just these listed if they show any symptoms at all. If you have any of these clues of Hepatitis/HBV you should contact a doctor to get tested.

  • A fever is one of the signs
  • Decrease or loss of appetite
  • A feeling of nausea is often involved
  • If your urine starts to darken
  • Joint Pain
  • Vomiting is also a sign for this virus being present

The symptoms of Hepatitis/HBV can take as long as 6 week to 6 months for signs to start showing. On average the time after exposure until signs appear for this virus will be about 3 months. Some side effect symptoms for Hepatitis/HBV can last a week or up to 7 or 8 months depending on different factors.

Some people do not show signs of Hepatitis/HBV for long periods of time, in fact some people will not show signs for over 25 years. Even as the liver gets destroyed there may be minimal side effects and zero signs of symptoms from the infected person with the virus.

People in the single thousands die every year from Hepatitis/HBV related liver illnesses. This virus destroys the liver by making it susceptible to liver disease, cirrhosis or liver cancer. A great thing about this virus is that there are some preventative measure such as vaccinations and precautions you can follow to help keep you from the risk or at least lower the risk of catching this condition.

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