Hot Flashes Causes – What Causes Hot Flashes

What Causes Hot Flashes

Picture this. You are a middle-aged woman going about your daily chores at home. While folding the laundry in the living room, a strange sensation suddenly envelopes your body and you find yourself perspiring heavily as if your skin is burning. Illogical as it may sound, you actually wish you could just tear your clothes off your body to ease the intense heat that you are experiencing.


And then after a few moments, it is gone.


Millions of women all over the world experience the description above. To any middle-aged woman, mention the term “hot flash” and a wealth of descriptions would come rushing in.


For the reason that hot flashes cause anxiety and even depression to some, a lot of women dread approaching the menopause stage. However, a deeper understanding of hot flashes would do wonders.


Although many are familiar with the symptoms, very few are aware of the actual triggers of hot flashes. By definition, the main reason why women experience it is the changes in the hormones as women age – specifically the decline in estrogen. When this happens, the body’s system of fixing internal temperatures is also affected.


Even if this is a natural phenomenon because it is a fact of life that everyone grows old, there are ways to manage it more easily. A good and effective first step is to record when they would occur. There are hot flashes causes that are applicable to everyone but there are more personal factors surrounding it. Keeping track would help someone identify the circumstances one is in prior to it, what types of food one has taken in before the hot flash, among others, and these would reveal patterns. These patterns in turn will help women know which circumstances, food, and places to avoid preventing more frequent periods of hot flashes.


If one finds that, according to their notes, one experiences extended and more intense periods of it after having eaten at an Indian restaurant, then that could be a very clear red flag already. Eating spicy food is one of the more common things to avoid when one is about to enter menopause because it can trigger hot flashes.


Some aspects of a woman’s lifestyle play a major part in regulating other hot flash causes. If someone is used to taking hot showers, or going to the sauna after a good workout, s/he might want to rethink these activities. In general, hot surroundings and stimuli – hot showers and saunas including – have a negative effect on the body’s regulation of its own temperature and these cause hot flashes.


Women who are already in perimenopause should also lessen, if not totally eliminate, smoking because this aggravates hot flashes. This is a most positive thing for all, as smoking has adverse effect on everyone and most especially aging women. Getting cigarettes out of one’s system could also be one of the most healthful steps one can take during this season. Alcohol and caffeine must also be highly regulated.


Knowing more information about menopause and specifically hot flashes causes helps one know more about his/her body and how to respond the natural changes that are occurring inside her.

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