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Huntsman Cancer Institute

The commitment of the Huntsman Cancer Institute (HCI) is to help discover molecular and genetic solutions for the prevention of the development of cancer in the earliest stages possible. Also, the institute seeks to offer innovative therapeutic remedies for all known types of cancer. Other than researches on genetic functions, the HCI specialists are tasked to formulate strategies that will reduce the incidence of cancer, and to implement therapies in the treatment of diagnosed cancer patients.

Through its research programs, HCI promotes the sharing of information that crosses known scientific boundaries so that scientists and doctors can work together conveniently and efficiently. This collaborative and unselfish approach is what makes Huntsman one of the foremost exponents of cancer research throughout the world.

In the 1990s, the Huntsman family embarked on a supreme scientific quest to find whatever it takes to avoid, identify, and stop cancer in its tracks right at the very source. $100 million was donated for this purpose and the Huntsman Cancer Institute was born at the University of Utah on October 2, 1995.

Jon Huntsman pledged another $125 million on April 26, 2000 to finance then-ongoing research programs and to build the Clinical Research Hospital next to HCI. These generous donations, as well as subsequent grants and gifts, enabled HCI to assemble a team consisting of world-famous specialists that is primarily responsible for providing treatments that are unmatched in the region.

In September, 1999, a new building that will house the HCI was dedicated. This became home to the Cancer Learning Center (CLC), and the Patient Care Center (PCC); three floors of laboratories for innovative research; an auditorium that can seat 300 people; and a restaurant. The CLC includes a library, a multi-media room, and an educational display where cancer patients and their respective families, as well as the general public, can get more information about the ailment and various treatment options to remedy it.

The PLC, on the other hand, features a chemotherapy infusion suite and examination rooms that have large windows with views of landscaped foothills and other soothing scenery. The architecture is symbolic of the state-of-the-art research. A “beacon of hope” in the form of a brightly lit column that is visible throughout Salt Lake Valley offers an inspiration to patients who are deep in battle against cancer.

The hospital wing, consisting of 276,344 ft2 features 4 operating rooms, 50 private in-patient beds, the first PET/CT imaging equipment this side of the country, similarly the first full-field unit for digital mammography, a prosthetics laboratory, a full service pharmacy, and a beauty parlor that is for the exclusive use of patients.

The hospital that continuously undergoes improvements is the culmination of the vision that Mr. Huntsman nurtured for the institute. It also provides the power to the HCI to take the leadership role in the development of more effective diagnostic methods, and safer remedies. It is after all, the mission of the Huntsman Cancer Institute to provide the best medical care possible, to make the latest in diagnostics and treatment methods accessible to all, and finally to alleviate the heavy toll that cancer puts on the patients and affected families around the world.


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