Important Krill Oil Side Effects Information

Krill oil is derived from krills which are crustaceans found in the ocean. Commercial krill fishing is done in the southern and some parts of the northern Pacific Ocean.

The oil which is derived from the krill is considered very nutritious and is found inside the krill. Since this oil contains omega-3 fatty acid and an antioxidant, it is considered to be very nutritious. However there can be certain krill oil side effects which people should be aware of before consuming this oil in any form.

Some of the krill oil side effects are discussed below:

-some individuals suffer from diarrhea, loose stools and have indigestion problems. This may be a side effect of the fatty acid which is present in the krill oil. To avoid such side effects one must start taking the krill oil is lower doses and increase the dose gradually.

-some individuals suffer from allergic reactions after they consume krill oil. This kind of allergic reaction is faced by those who suffer from an allergy to any kind of shell fish. It is always advised to consult a physician before taking this krill oil in any form. If any kind of unusual reaction is being experienced then the doctor should be immediately consulted regarding this happening as some of the krill oil side effects can be serious. He can run tests and exact causative agent causing the allergy can be detected and necessary precautions can be taken.

-other forms of allergic reactions may be like those which may be seen in the form of abdominal cramps, skin rash, nausea and vomiting, swallowing difficulties, swelling all over the body, breathing difficulties are experienced by some individuals, general lightheadedness. Some experience bad breath.

-the contents of the krill oil are seen to interact with blood thinners and other forms of anticoagulants. So people who take such medication should be aware of this interaction as this may lead to a bleeding disorder. This may happen as the krill oil by itself acts as a blood thinner. This medication is also not suitable for those individuals who suffer from a high blood pressure problem. Hence again, it is important to consult your doctor before including krill oil in your diet as this has a blood thinning property and can cause easy bleeding and bruising. This is one of the major krill oil side effects.

-since excessive bleeding is a side effect of krill oil, care should be taken if any surgery is scheduled in the less than 2 weeks. Krill oil consumption should be stopped for at least 2-3 weeks before the scheduled surgery.

-krill oil also may show certain side effects on pregnant women and hence they should not take krill oil on their own without consulting their physician.

-another major krill oil side effect is seen on people who suffer from thyroid problems should be careful while taking krill oil as this can cancel off the effects of the medication which they might be taking for their thyroid problem.

The side effects of krill oil vary in general depending on the quality of the krill oil and the quantity of the krill oil consumed. If the krill oil is of good quality and is purified enough there may not be any major side effects.

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  1. Sandra Goldstein

    Though there are some important side effects of krill oil. If you don’t have an allergic reaction, the benefits are great.

  2. TY for mentioning allergies to shellfish. this is the only site about krill that i found that mentioned it. I would benifite greatly from this product but i am deadly allergic to shellfish, even fish fried in same oil as shrimp 😥 so thanks for being honest!

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