Introduction to Fragile X Syndrome Symptoms And Treatment

Fragile X Syndrome is referred to as the major cause of autism and other mental retardation in individuals. The scientific definition would be that it is caused by a faulty genetic code which is unable to pass information regarding protein synthesis.

Some of the common symptoms or features associated with this type of syndrome may include; abnormally large head size, forehead and chins, abnormal shape of joints, ears and other physical parts. Mostly this syndrome is genetically transferred from parents to child but it is not the only cause of this syndrome.

Some other prominent features associated with this syndrome include; flat feet, ear infections, long faces, long ears and nose, problematic puberty growth and other physical symptoms. Individuals who are affected by this syndrome also possess intellectual impairment issues. Some individuals are affected by this syndrome in a severe way while others are affected in a moderate way.

The treatment of fragile X syndrome is done in different ways. Normally therapy and educational treatments are used but in severe cases medications are also given in order to treat the behavioral problems caused by this syndrome. Usually individuals who are suffering from this syndrome are provided with special needs education. One on one tutoring throughout their education life is recommended as this helps them to a great extent.

The treatment of this syndrome emphasizes on improving the speech and behavioral abilities of the individual. Other than that he or she undergoes therapies that may help in improving occupational, psychological as well as physical abilities of the individual. It s a big concern that individuals whether they are male or female who have this syndrome can pass it onto their children as well. Women who suffer from this syndrome have got a 50 percent chance of passing this syndrome to her children whereas males have got almost 100 percent chance of passing it on.

Whether it is male or female they both are affected by the syndrome in more or less the same way. But usually males suffer from the condition in a more negative way then the females. With the help of proper medication, treatment and therapy this condition can be treated in the best way possible. Those individuals who suffer from this syndrome in a severe way may require 100 percent attention and treatment all the times while others who are affected in a less severe way do not need to undergo therapy for their whole life.

Lastly, it can be said that fragile X syndrome is the major cause of mental retardation among both men and women. Usually this syndrome is genetically transferred from parents to their children but it is not really necessary there are other causes of this condition as well. No matter what the cause is there are treatments, therapies and procedure that can be followed in order to improve the life and learning abilities of the individuals who are suffering from this syndrome.

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