Kegel Exercises: The Real Benefit

Kegel exercises are simple, yet healthy and effective exercise techniques that can certainly bring in lots of health benefits for both men and women. These exercises can help people with bladder and urinary problems, can help women strengthen pelvic muscles that may have been weakened by age or childbirth and can help men address sex-related problems such as premature ejaculation and erectile dysfunction.


Kegel exercises were conceptualized by Dr. Arnold Kegel. These exercises basically focus on strengthening the muscles of the pelvic floor. These exercises were earlier designed to help women prepare for childbirth, treat vaginal prolapse and aid in relieving pain in the prostate for men.  It was also known to help in controlling incontinence, especially in older people and is known to help improve orgasm intensity and sexual satisfaction for both men and women.


A regular Kegel exercise routine can be done anytime, anywhere by just contracting the pubococcygeous (PC) muscles that are located in the pelvic area.  The best thing about doing this kind of exercise is that it can be done discreetly and with anybody hardly noticing it.  By regularly exercising the PC muscles through Kegel exercises, these muscles become strong and making them perform better in such functions particularly urinary control, sexual activities and bowel movements.


Doing Kegel exercises is as simple as contracting these PC muscles on a way similar to that of holding back the urge to urinate.  Repeatedly contracting and relaxing these muscles give them a good workout that can be done in just a matter of minutes in a day.  Anyone can do Kegel exercises by themselves and if done regularly, can yield noticeable improvements in just days.  Because of the proven benefits of these exercise techniques, there are now available products such as weights, exercisers and massagers that can be used to enhance the Kegel exercise experience.  These products can be purchased from health companies that offer expertise on such exercises, and there are websites that are readily accessible to give you up-to-date information.


To begin your Kegel exercises, it is best to urinate first to clear your bladder.  Similar to holding urination, contract your PC muscles and hold up to a count of ten.  Relax the muscles afterwards also for ten seconds and repeat ten sets of the exercise three times a day (morning, afternoon and evening). These exercises can be done in whatever position you find comfortable such as sitting or lying down.  It usually takes about four to six weeks to notice improvements, depending on your current health condition.  Major changes can be best observed three months after starting a regular exercise routine.


As with other exercise techniques, overdoing Kegel exercises may do more harm than good.  Over-exercising these muscles may cause muscle fatigue and may be counterproductive in improving urinary control.  Be sure that you are relaxed while you are doing these exercises, maintain good breathing rhythm and correct the way you are doing it if you experience any pain or discomfort.


Kegel exercises are one of the easiest forms of exercise that can yield invaluable health benefits.  It is best to read about how to do these exercise properly in order for you to be able to gain from such an effortless exercise that can do wonders in improving your overall health.

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  1. This kegel exercise is absolutely a benefit. This benefits not just for men, but also for women. Its not hard to do, and we with my partner enjoy this activity so much. It started when i happen to read this post, as i tried it, i enjoy it. Since it benefits not just our sex lives but also our heath, we usually perform it

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