Keratin Hair Treatments: What to Look and Watch Out For

Keratin hair treatments are now the popular choice among women who wants to have soft, smooth, silky and frizz-free hair.  Most women swear by these kinds of treatments to give them the healthy and more beautiful looking hair they have always dreamed of.  It brings much better results no topical hair shampoo or conditioner can provide.  With just a small amount of investment, ay woman can get stunning looks, more confidence and be the star of attention with their newly-treated, smoothly-flowing locks.


Keratin is the common base for hair enhancement products in today’s beauty market.  It is basically a natural protein that is already found in hair.  Keratin hair treatments are used to supplement the natural keratin in hair.  Keratin repairs hair damage such as cracks, dryness and split-ends.  Keratin is mixed with other chemicals for it to be able to bond to the hair surface and is best sealed in by using a hair iron to sink in the keratin and make the hair keep its new lustrous look for months.


Applying keratin hair treatments are relatively easy, and women can even do it in their own home.  Most keratin-based hair enhancement products are readily available for purchase, complete with instructions for its proper usage.  However, it is still best to get a treatment from a reputable hairdresser or beauty parlor for the best treatment, the least hassle and a no-mess application of the treatment that is guaranteed to be done correctly.


Keratin hair treatments also work well for women who apply color to their hair – whether for covering up gray areas or just for a uniquely beautiful look.  The application of hair color treatments will not in any way affect the benefits of applying keratin treatments for smoother and more beautiful-looking hair.  Experts even advise that women who undergo color treatments should immediately apply keratin treatments to minimize the damages from hair color and seal both the coloring and keratin treatments in the hair for best results.


Keratin hair treatments require a certain amount of time to completely work, and women who apply such should not wash their hair for at least three to four days.  This will cause the treatment to perfectly bond with the hair surface and for the results of the treatment to last as long as it should.  After letting the treatment seep in, women will enjoy smoother-looking hair even when coming back to using their usual shampoos and conditioners in washing their hair daily.


While applying keratin on hair is generally safe, users still need to be aware of side effects that may affect certain individuals.  Keratin hair treatments usually contain formaldehyde, a chemical that may cause health problems such as allergic reactions, runny nose, headache, irritation and malaise. To avoid such adverse side effects, users should find out how strong the formaldehyde levels in products are.  Higher levels of formaldehyde may result to stronger treatments, but increases the risks of these side effects.  Usage of hair treatment formulas must be stopped immediately if users notice adverse changes, or experience similar side effects after getting a hair treatment.  All in all, a keratin-based hair treatment is generally good for any woman’s beauty needs, as long as side effects are closely given attention for any woman to be completely beautiful and healthy.

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  1. This keratin hair treatment is a big help for damage hairs. My cousin is trimming her hair because of the split ends on it,but now she want her hair to grow longer. He then tried the keratin hair treatment for no choice reason, he never regret, her hair grew longer and healthier because of the help of the keratin hair treatment.

  2. This treatment is a big help for dying hair. It enables the hair renew again its healthy and gloomy growth. It brings back again its healthy and smooth appearance.

  3. Keratin hair treatment

    This treatment is very good it makes my hair smooth free from frizz hair.

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