Know About Folliculitis Treatment

Folliculitis is a condition that mainly affects the follicles of the hair. This condition can be visible in almost all parts of the body. The disease is characterised by small swelling that appear on the skin and that make the skin look like that of a chicken. This condition can affect almost all parts of the body including the chest, the legs, the arms, the buttocks and so on. The swellings are usually reddish in colour and may cause inflammation in some cases. When you scratch this swelling, you may notice some hair that is coiled underneath.

This condition can affect almost everyone in the society regardless of age; however it is more commonly reported among teenagers or young adults. This condition does not have any bearing on the health of a person whatsoever. What this means is that the condition can affect a person who is healthy and those who are not of sound health. The condition does not have any effect on your health although it may be very disgusting to the eye.

Most of the time Folliculitis may just go away without having to be treated, however there are several techniques and products that can be used to treat the condition in a relatively convenient and efficient manner. Some of the treatments of this condition include some lotions that can be prescribed by your doctor; antibacterial pills may also be used. There are also instances where anti bacterial washes may be recommended. As was mentioned earlier, this condition is generally one that affects the hair follicles and this therefore, means that it is more likely to be found in areas where the hair is growing. Although this condition may affect any part of the body that has hair, it is not so common to find it spread all over the body.

As was also mentioned earlier, Folliculitis can affect almost everyone but there are some particular groups of people that are more at risk than others, these may include people who suffer from disease like diabetes, AIDS, cancer and also those who have a compromised immune body system. This condition is not contagious which means that you cannot pass it or get it from someone else even if you come into close contact. It is also important to mention that the disease is not deadly and most of the time it clears away without any treatment, but may leave a very bad disfiguration on the skin.

This condition can very easily be diagnosed by the doctor because it only takes a casual examination of the physical condition of the affected areas. However there are some cases that the doctor may decide to use a biopsy just to make sure of the diagnosis that should be made.

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  1. Hi, I am 25 years old and I have been dealing with folliculitis for almost 7years now. It started with small razor bump like papules on my hairy part of my neck. These happenned because of dirty razors machines at barbershops. With the time they became larger and larger and now they are just like scarred bumps. But since a couple of years ago it has been spreding all over my head and it really started to annoy me now more then ever. These bumps hurt, and are sometimes filled with some white/transparent fluid and blood. I have been to dermathologists but untill now the only thing I have gotten from them is anti-biotics. All of them seem to help the first 1 or 2 weeks but after that, the pain and inflamation starts again. The only thing they have told me is to try to live with it!! That is so crazy, because they don’t know what it feels to be walking around, thinking people are watching your itchy,bumpy scalp. I don’t even want to sit in front of someone, because I am afraid they will notice it. To me it looks disgusting, and I can imagine what it would be for other people.

    Does anyone have a clear solution for me, besides products online, or jusy normal anti-biotics? Maybe some kind of treatment that directly targets the infected or dammaged hair follicles? I have been doing a lot of research on this but never found a clear cure or treatment that might help remove it for ever.

    If anyone knows something please let me know because I have seen pictures of more developed cases which were not treated, and I don’t want to end up like that. I would definately prefer to kill myself over that.

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