Laser Liposuction- Zap your way to the perfectly sculpted body?

Laser liposuction (laser assisted lipolysis) has many monikers, smart lipo and lunchtime lipo being the infamous ones. They effectively surmise the treatment, which is a huge improvement over the traditional procedure. Catering to our evergreen desire to look like Greek gods and goddesses or at least minimise the oodles of excess fat we have been lugging around, laser lipo is a minimally invasive procedure that can be performed under local anaesthesia. It also promises near elimination of the dreaded portion of conventional liposuction: scarring.

Areas of use

Generally, laser liposuction is the answer to the prayers of people who are unable to lose weight from those stubborn areas despite following a regime of diet and exercise. This basically includes face, neck, arms, back, abdomen, hips, thighs and knees. The most often use of this technique is on localised fat deposits but it has proven to be successful in helping a person to lose over eight pounds.


The procedure for laser liposuction entails the insertion of a small probe carrying low energy laser fibres beneath the skin and directly into the target area containing the fat deposit. This then proceeds to destroy the fat cells and convert the accumulated fat into liquid. The liquid is then allowed to be drained away or to be absorbed by our lymphatic system, which then swills it out naturally. It must be noted that this procedure has no impact on the surrounding tissue. It has been seen that the process requires anywhere between 45 minutes to an hour for each target area.

Smart lipo has made another leap over its conventional counterpart. It is able to achieve skin tightening as it promotes tissue coagulation using thermal heating, a feat never mastered earlier. Experts also state that this form of liposuction can be used in juxtaposition with conventional methods in specific cases.


Hailed as the safest cosmetic treatment, laser liposuction however, does come with a few risks. The most common ones are infection, bruising and swelling. Damage to the skin in the form of burns and blood loss has also been reported. However, the cause for most of these has been indicated as the lack of a qualified professional to administer the treatment. Therefore, the most crucial aspect to be borne in mind is to opt for the treatment only under the ministrations of a trained health professional.

Post-Op care

The minimal (and astonishing) recovery time of laser liposuction has prompted the name lunchtime liposuction. Recovery period is known to last for about 2 days. The patient may experience some pain and bruising but these will subside within a few days. Most patients are able to return to their daily schedule on the very day of the procedure but should avoid hectic activity. Results are known to present themselves within a few short hours and are known to progressively improve. They have a reputation of being fairly permanent, although cases of ‘touch-ups’ are known.

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  1. The Liposuction Surgery is designed to reduce bruising, pain, and swelling. It’s the accurately managed heat that promotes the soft cells and skin to tighten and contract.

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