Low Testosterone Symptoms In Men – Solutions

Testosterone is a hormone which is found in larger amount in men and is one of the principle hormone found in males. This hormone is also found in lesser quantities in females.

Testosterone is steroidal in nature. It is produced mainly by the testes but also in the adrenal glands.

Testosterone mainly acts in developing the secondary sexual characteristics in both males and females. This hormone is also responsible in forming and maintaining the male sex organs. Testosterone also helps in forming the muscular growth of the body.

The normal testosterone found in males is around 270-1070 ng / dl.

Symptoms seen in low testosterone level cases:

These symptoms are seen in men as they age.

-Decreased sex drive- this is seen as a normal consequence of aging which results due to a fall in the testosterone level in the body. The man shows less interest in any kind of sexual activity. This is one of the main symptoms of low levels of testosterone in the body.

-Poor erectile function of the penis during sexual activities.

-A decrease in the sperm count in also a symptom of low testosterone in the body.

-Impotency- males generally become impotent as they age, again a cause of the decreased testosterone level in the body. Most men experience this after 50 to 70 years of age.

-Increased irritability is a symptom seen in most men. This can be accompanied with hot flashes, difficulty in concentration.

-Depression is seen in a few cases.

-Fatigue- fatigue is another major symptom of low testosterone level in men. They seem very tired and less energetic in general all the time. The time taken to perform normal activities requires more time and energy. After any kind of physical exercise they may feel extremely tired and drained out and the overall recovery time taken is much more. As a consequence of this they may give up performing any kind of physical activity which may result in overall poor health and a fall in the energy level may be experienced.

-Cardiovascular disorders- as the level of testosterone falls in the body it results in conditions like high blood pressure, high cholesterol level in the body, dilatation of arteries, increase in the fibrinogen level in the body develops. All these factors could contribute individually or in combination in developing a heart attack.

-Accumulation of fat in the body- men who are used to a sedentary lifestyle due to low level of testosterone in the body experience muscle wasting to a greater extent. Weight gain is another important symptom of falling testosterone levels in the body

-Osteoporosis- another important symptom of low testosterone level in the body is osteoporosis which is a condition which results in really weak bones which are prone to fracture. As the male ages the bone density in the body starts decreasing.

With the advance of modern medicine, low testosterone level in the body can be corrected by treating it correctly and making changes in the lifestyle pattern to have a healthy life. Testosterone therapy may be needed in some individuals to correct the falling testosterone level in the body.

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