Lung Pain In Back – Are You Sure?

Individuals experiencing lung pain in back does not necessarily mean that they are already suffering from lung cancer. The pain is caused by various conditions, and sufferers are usually advised to check out with their doctors for an accurate diagnosis, as some of the conditions involved proved to be quiet serious.

Collapsed lungs are often associated with Lung pain – a condition where a cysts or sacs on the lung surface burst out or collapsed. This makes for sharp, acute pains, often giving patients difficulty in breathing. There are times though when the pain will subside on its own for one to two weeks after the body has fully recovered and healed itself. In other serious cases, patients may be needing surgery for permanent remedies.

Pneumonia is also known to cause pain in the lungs. As bacteria, it enters the human body through its nasal passages. It then begins to grow in the lungs, and it affects those with very weak immune systems. Affected individuals will also have an obvious difficulty in breathing, and will experience a mild or severe pain in the lungs. This especially happens every time they cough up the phlegm caused and produced by the presence of the bacteria. This pain and infection in the lungs can be treated easily with antibiotics and a complete rest.

Persons experiencing fatigue or exhaustion from their daily activities are also vulnerable to experience pain in the lungs. Even healthy people are also susceptible to a sudden and sharp pain in the lungs in some cases when they perform strenuous physical activities. Whenever people lift something heavy or run at a fast pace all of a sudden they may feel that they are having momentary heart attacks. This normal condition is known as a stable angina.

In some cases, people will experience pain in the lungs as they are thrust to severe emotional stress all of a sudden especially upon knowing or hearing some bad news. Most patients have a fear for heart attack whenever they experience pain all over their lungs, though the experience is quiet normal.

Some cancer types are also known to cause inevitable pain in the lungs. This occurs when unsuspecting tumors within the lungs would start to press themselves against the nerves and bones. This will then cause disturbing sharp pains. Many ignore such pain though, thinking it is just due to cough or cold that they can easily ride out. The symptoms that characterizes lung cancer often matches up that of the common cold, making it very unwise for anyone to ignore or ride out the symptoms, most especially if such symptoms will last for weeks.

Statistics reveal that more than a million folks around the world suffer and succumb to lung cancer every year. The bad news is the figures will eventually rise in the coming years mainly because people tend to dismiss it immediately. Many of the recorded cases of deaths could have been avoided only if patients had themselves checked out. Early diagnosis of lung pain scenarios will alert anything serious that might be developing already.


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