Molluscum Contagiosum Symptoms | Causes | Treatments

Technically, molluscum contagiosum is a sexually transmitted disease and a skin virus infection but that is only when it occurs in adults. Young children are able to contract this virus simply by touching their skin to infected skin on another. Ages 1 to 10 years, both boys and girls, are highly susceptible to molluscum contagiosum infections.

The majority of children who are exposed to molluscum contagiosum get it through the sharing of clothing and other bodily touching items with someone who is infected, whether they know it or not. In the rear area of the body as well as the legs and arms are where the infection is most likely to inhabit.

It is so contagious that a child will end up passing it on to other parts of their own body just by scratching the infected areas and touching uninfected areas. Objects such as towels and clothes are responsible for carrying the virus on them for quite some time which allows it to be easily passed on.

The rash is a bumpy, itching rash that is very irritating and it is highly unlikely that the rash could ever go unnoticed. Although the molluscum contagiosum is only contagious when the bumpy rash is present, the rash could take up to 6 months to go dissipate.

Sadly, this doesn’t last for long because molluscum contagiosum has an incubation period in between rashes of 2 to 7 weeks. Therefore, instead of going through infection after infection, seeking treatment is the only option. Without treatment, more infections can occur, along with severe itching, scarring, bleeding and various mental factors including low self esteem, anxiety, depression, thoughts of suicide and more.

The approach to treating molluscum contagiosum will depend upon the age, area and extremity of the situation. If the child is young it can be easily treated with methods similar to removing warts. Freezing, laser removal and other similar methods are used to remove the lesions. However, for a mild case there are many topical creams and related agents that a medical doctor can prescribe to effectively rid the child of the virus.

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