Most Common Ovarian Cyst Symptoms

Cysts are small cavity which may be filled with a fluid or gas. These cysts in most cases are harmless. They prove to be problematic usually when they rupture. The cysts which occur in a woman’s ovaries are known as ovarian cysts. Ovarian cyst can affect women at any age but most cases are seen in the age group ranging from 18- 25 years of age.

In most cases the ovarian cyst present with no symptoms. Or even if they present with any symptoms, they may be similar to those of an ectopic pregnancy or any other kind of inflammatory condition in the pelvic region. Sometimes even conditions like appendicitis can show symptoms similar to a ruptured ovarian cyst. Hence correct diagnosis is a must.


The main symptoms seen in an ovarian cyst case, is intense pain which is focused in the pelvic region.

-Pain may be felt during the monthly menstrual cycle. Either at the beginning or at the end of the menstrual cycle

-Menstrual irregularities may be present. These are seen usually with extreme cramping and pain.

-Pain during intercourse, which is again focused in the pelvic area.

-A constant heavy feeling in the abdomen area.

-Pain which may be continuous or dull in the pelvic area. This pain generally radiates to the lower back and the thigh region.

-Some of the symptoms seen in an ovarian cyst are similar to the symptoms seen in pregnancy. Symptoms such as tender breasts and nausea are seen.

-The person may feel the constant need for throwing up and may feel uneasy.

-There is a constant pressure which is felt on the bladder and the rectum area.

-Constant irritating ache is present in the lower abdomen.

-The abdomen can appear bloated. With a constant feeling of fullness

-The patient may experience intermittent vaginal pain

-In very rare cases, breathing problems can be experienced. This is usually accompanied by a constant dull headache along with pain in the abdomen area.

-The suffering individual may appear lethargic and drowsy very frequently.

-Excessive weight gain may be noticed by the patient.

-The patient may experience abnormal hair growth pattern. Women may present with abnormal mild hair growth on their faces.

The major reason for the pain to occur in a case of ovarian cyst is related to a number of factors such as a bursting or an infectious or in some cases a bleeding cyst. All these factors irritate the surrounding normal tissues which results in pain.

The prognosis of an ovarian cyst is always favorable when the cyst is detected at an early stage. Lot of complications can occur at an advanced stage. Hence more aggressive treatment is needed in most cases.

After the cyst has been correctly diagnosed, the women suffering are kept under observation because the cyst can dissolve on its own in some cases without any treatment.

Hormonal therapy is used to treat the cyst in most cases. If the patient does not respond to this kind of treatment then surgery is recommended.

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