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National osteoporosis foundation or the NAF was formed in the year 1984. This organization was formed with an aim to correctly diagnose, treat and prevent osteoporosis. This organization also carries out various studies and research in the field of osteoporosis. National osteoporosis foundation aims to create awareness among people about osteoporosis by which they can learn much more about osteoporosis and thus its diagnosis can be made at an early stage.

Osteoporosis is a condition affecting the bones of the body. The bones of the suffering individuals are weak and are very prone to fracture. Women are mostly affected by osteoporosis. Studies show that about 80% of the affected people are women. This foundation was created with the sole aim of connecting various individuals who are suffering from osteoporosis and their families for any kind of needful help.

Leaders of the national osteoporosis foundation:

This organization is lead by a group of trustees which are very dedicated to the work of the national osteoporosis foundation. These include medical experts in their respective fields, politicians, advocates, corporate.


The main aim of the national osteoporosis foundation is early diagnosis of osteoporosis by which adequate treatment can be provided to the patient before the condition gets worse. Various meetings and discussions are held to create awareness. They also conduct many educational activities. This foundation provides support to the sufferers of osteoporosis.

The national osteoporosis foundation carries out the following work:

  • ·         Creating awareness and continuing education among masses.
  • ·         Carrying out various research work and carry out clinical trials which mainly focuses on the preventing, right diagnosis and correct treatment of osteoporosis.
  • ·         For professionals they provide various kinds of resources. These resources being mostly evidence based studies. This keeps them updated about the various developments happening in the field of osteoporosis.
  • ·         The national osteoporosis foundation publishes a monthly journal called the osteoporosis international. This journal is one of the leading scientific journals of today’s time.
  • ·         Various resources are made available by the national osteoporosis foundation which enables individuals to learn more about osteoporosis.
  • ·         This foundation also provides an e-newsletter to interested clinicians in the form of the bone source alert. This is considered to be one of the most significant or valuable tool which is provided to the clinicians today.
  • ·         The national osteoporosis foundation offers membership to interested individuals. After being a member of this foundation one can receive regular updates, any sort of information in the field of osteoporosis, educating individuals about the prevention and the new forms of treatment available.

Various discussions are carried out by this foundation which are very informative and prove to be of great help. Sometimes people who suffer from osteoporosis find it difficult to find a right place to get correct information and the needful help and support. The national osteoporosis foundation along with inspire have created this online support group.

This organization is one of the leading health organizations. It is dedicated for osteoporosis and weak bone prevention.

The national osteoporosis foundation provides a connecting ground for various sufferers, health care providers, families of the affected individuals and individuals who provide support in any form.

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