Natural Thyroid Treatment For You

Thyroid Gland is the endocrine tissue present in the neck at the both sides of the trachea. It has an active role in the metabolism of the body. If the basal metabolism of the body is low, the person feels cold and there is marked dryness of the skin and the patient gains weight. The patient also suffers from constipation. There is presence of less hair on the body and the skin is dry and thick. There is puffiness of the skin. The pulse pressure is low and there is pain in back and there is stiffness in the joints. When there is less secretion of the thyroid hormone due to error in the thyroid gland, it is called hypothyroidism. If there is more secretion of the thyroid hormone it is hyperthyroidism.

The thyroid problems are treated by many methods. They are treated with the drugs which decrease the hormone secretion in case of hyperthyroidism. The drugs help in reducing the synthesis of thyroid hormone by inhibiting the trapping of iodine by thyroid glands. It is also treated by radioactive iodine and by simply iodides. They help in reducing the secretion of the thyroid gland in case of hyperthyroidism.

In order to treat hypothyroidism, there are Natural Thyroid Treatments to help increase the activity of the thyroid gland.  First and the foremost, it is important to have a healthy diet and to have food rich in iodine content to avoid problems related to thyroid gland. Selenium rich and zinc rich food stuffs help in increasing the activity of the thyroid gland. Broccoli, sweet potato, cabbage, cauliflower, turnips and mustard greens should be taken in diet. Trans fats should be avoided. They damage the thyroid cell membranes.

The other Natural Thyroid Treatments are:

  • ·         Kelp sea weed is a good anti-oxidant and is used in assisting thyroid function
  • ·         L-tyrosine which is used to help in synthesis of thyroid hormone. It is used in case of hypothyroidism
  • ·         Spirulina is used in maintaining the structure of the thyroid gland.
  • ·         Vitamin B complex is taken to improve the thyroid function. It also improves digestion and immune system.
  • ·         Walnut is rich in organic iodine and magnesium which enhances the action of the thyroid gland and improves its ability to synthesize thyroid hormone. It is one of the best Natural Thyroid Treatments.
  • ·         Mullein protects the tissues and helps to reduce the swellings in the thyroid gland. Thus it is helpful to improve its function.
  • ·         Calcium, iron, zinc, magnesium, copper, terbium are the major minerals which improve the function of the thyroid gland and the metabolic reactions carried out by it.
  • ·         The food stuffs high in amount like the cakes, sweets, pizzas and other fast foods should be avoided. They do not add to the nutritive value of the food.
  • ·         Physical activity should be improved and diet rich in Vitamin A should be taken.
  • ·         Fish and sea vegetables rich in iodine can be used as a part of Natural Thyroid Treatments.

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