Nellcor Pulse Oximeter Overview

The Nellcor pulse oximeter product line is intended to suit particular blood oxygen reading requirements of various hospitals and medical facilities.  The various models are relatively easy to use and accurate whether for use in the continuous monitoring of a single patient or for one-time testing of numerous patients.  With the introduction of the OxiMax technology, Nellcor is able to enhance the reading accuracy even more.

In the past, the important process of oxygen reading that involved measuring an arterial blood gas took all 30 minutes of lab work to complete before results are made available.  Now, it only takes five minutes to test, although this is only possible for spot checking, and not for the purpose of continuous monitoring.  Likewise, the procedure used then for taking arterial blood is invasive that makes it difficult to do for some patients including infants.

Whereas majority of pulse oximeter models are able to measure for 70% to 100% oxygenation only, Orimax’s Oximeter LoSat from Nellcor takes this a step further with its unique ability to take measurements for 60% to 100% which is unprecedented.  No other brand can match Orimax’s accuracy at such low levels of saturation.  Likewise, most technological improvements in the past focused mainly on the monitor unlike a Nellcor pulse oximeter that has a developed sensor that can be calibrated.  Because of this innovation, more sensor application options for the patients are made available by the pulse oximeter from Nellcor.

Generally, clinicians find it difficult to measure the blood oxygenation levels in some patients such as those whose extremities have low blood flow, those suffering from severe burns, or those with extremely sensitive skin where the use of traditional adhesive sensors is not possible.  In such cases, Nellcor sensors that are specifically calibrated can be utilized for the purpose of taking the oxygenation level measurements.  The unique calibration allows these sensors to accurately get readings even under the most difficult patient conditions.

Nellcor offers the OxiMax Soft Care (non-adhesive) and the OxiMax Max-Fast Forehead sensors for single patient applications.  These specifically-designed sensors are for the exclusive use of the various newly-introduced Nellcor pulse oximeter models that feature the revolutionary OxiMax technology.  Models from other manufacturers do not have the same capability.

Nellcor also has an answer to the portability requirements of some medical facilities especially for situations where spot checking is necessary.  The handheld OxiMax N-65 pulse oximeter from Nellcor with LoSat technology, among other models, is a good option.  The unit can easily be transported to the emergency room or loaded to an ambulance whenever necessary.  When used with an OxiMax sensor, it can be effective for both spot and continuous blood oxygen level checking to saturation levels as low as 60%, better than the 70% standard.

For continuous bedside and in-patient blood level monitoring, there are several Nellcor pulse oximeter models applicable that are all compatible with the OxiMax sensors.  This allows for a wide range of application options for different conditions that may require continuous monitoring of blood levels including those with movements.

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  1. It is amazing that this pulse oximeter sensor can pick up readings as low as 60%!

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