Nopalea Review – Side Effects And Possible Scam

Trivita Cactus Juice

What is Nopalea? It is a healthy supplement, delicious drink that is manufactured by Trivita. This is made from the nopal cactus plant otherwise known as the prickly pear cactus and is found in the Sonoran Desert. This prickly pear cactus is considered to have antioxidant capabilities. It is said to be 100% safe and contains no preservatives or artificial sweeteners and is also known to be quite effective. Algarve Nectar is the only known added sweetener ingredient to this product.

What are the uses of Nopalea? Well first to begin this plant is used as a part of the Mexican diet and this cactus plant contains the highest concentration of bio-flavanoid known as Betalins of any plant. This type of bio-flavanoid has anti-inflammatory properties which helps the body protect itself from inflammation as well as reduces pain in joints and muscles. This product is easily as well as instantly absorbed into your blood stream.Betalins has been scientifically proven to protect the liver as well as reduce blood clot risks and blood cholesterol.Medical practitioners have termed inflammation as one of the silent killers known to man. This silent killer however can be stopped if we keep our bodies balanced through healthy meals and exercise as well as keep our inflammation effectively managed.

Nopalea Benefits

  • Anti-inflammatory properties- This drink reduces inflammation or targets the parts of your body that are inflamed and reduces them. During this process your cellular make up is rebalanced as the toxins found in your body are warded off.
  • Protects against toxins – The bio-flavanoid or Betalin found in the nopal cactus plant serves as a protection agent against diseases which are caused by toxins while protecting the body’s cell.
  • Detoxification – Due to the different agents that we are exposed to every day such as the food we eat, the air we breathe and the water we drink our bodies are constantly exposed to toxins. With the use of Nopalea we can fight off these toxins and maintain healthy bodies.
  • Fights against premature aging- No one likes to look old before their time and using can help in this area as it fills the gaps to repair the damaged areas of the skin’s protective layer.
  • Fluid retention – There are fluids around your cells which are held off and reduces inflammation as well as rebalances cellular activity once you start taking this drink.
  • Pain reliever – because of its bio-flavanoid reduces somatic as well as visceral pains.
  • Improves breathing – breathing difficulties can be improved which are caused by allergies or asthma.

Nopalea Side Effects

Before taking any kind of supplements you should consult your physician for further information on how the product may affect your health. There isn’t any negative side effect that is connected with the Nopalea health drink. There have been a lot of mixed reviews and testimonies so far have which you can read below. From the looks of it Nopalea seems to be just what it claims to be healthy, nutritious and delicious but with a big price tag. If you think it’s just a scam, feel free to discuss with the comments below.

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  1. My mom took nopalea and she feels great but she is now getting chest pains. DO you know if there any side effects such as chest pains?? She is 42.

  2. I am having lots of flushing after finishing my first bottle. I am taking blood pressure meds and premarin also metropolol

  3. 🙁 Mason… This is not a side effect of Nopalea, and some thing that will need immediate Doctors care. I hope she is all right.
    Margaret, The Nopalea will help lower the inflammation in your blood and hence your blood pressure, keep taking it consistently this is the key..

  4. Hello, I have taken Nopelea for the past three years. I began a course of this because of some chronic pain in my hip. I used the four bottles and the pain lessened but did not go away, but then after stopping, it came back as bad as ever. So, I bought more. The pain finally left and has never come back. It did take time to get relief but once gone, its gone.

    Plus, I have not had any garden variety sickness in three years. No colds, sore throats, cough or really anything. I am 65 years old, was a caregiver during the past 5 years for my husband who has parkinson’s disease. Very stressful days but yet, no illness at all. This stuff works for me and I don’t intend to stop taking it.

    • How much does a bottle cost and how long does it last? In other words, how much for one month? I appreciate any help you can give me.

    • Hello, I have side lower right back pain from running, feels stiff. Will Nopelea help?

    • so can you tell me the difference with 4life..cuz my mom was on this…and took 4 never worked..then got 4 more never the last 4 never worked..then i got her on 4life…and after 3 weeks..she is feeling much better..and every month she is feeling much better than ever…

  5. Hi…would anyone suggest Nopalea to someone just diagnosed with Parkinson’s? she has lots of joint pain and takes a variety of meds. She took Nopalea and already felt relief…please advise! Thank you!

    • Hi would like to tell you that there is a video clip on line about using Pure Coconut oil, it said it can help parkinsons. It was on a news clip with doctors. Try it and see if it will help. Go on line to see how to use it and how much.

  6. Hi, my 8yr old daughter has ADHD, could this be something that could help her? We have had a hard time getting her medicine adjusted so that her full potential is reached. Thank you for your time, and any information you could give me.

    • usually adhd means that the person needs some stimulants to get them the chemicals the brain needs in order to have prolonged focus/decision making… really I’d just recommend giving your daughter tea or coffee when she needs to do larger assignments or group projects to help her focus. Giving tea or coffee to her constantly would cause her to build up too much of a dependency/build up tolerance to the effects of the caffeine. (caffeine itself is a stimulant, so what I’m recommending you is caffeine.. rather than the heavier stuff that a psychiatrist might prescribe…) Remember though- that all stimulants tend to cause a loss of appetite as a side effect- because it turns off the part of the brain that tells you you’re hungry. So if your kid does have tea or coffee occasionally- make sure they’re eating meals on time. I’m a Chinese psychology major- also with adhd… and this is how I’ve reached my full potential. (Being Chinese= my mom only makes me tea when I have major assignments to do hahaha)

      • yes i agree i have had adhd since birth i was born with umbillical cord around my neck and was born not breathing and no pulse they told my mother i would be ethier mentaly disabeled or have adhd. so i was put on ritalin till i was 14 yrs old then i noticed that when i drank anything with caffine in it it would make my tired and sleepie so i stoped the ritalin and started to use caffine it really works i tell everyone with a child with adhd to try it if you know that adhd is caused buy a part of the brain is going to slow and thats why someone needs stimulants like dextroamphetamins and methaphiladate which is generic ritalin do some reserch and try it out….

  7. You would think the way the economy is today most people can’t afford $40.00 dollars a bottle.If you say your really want to help people that are hurting, don’t go so deep in there pockets.

    • I agree with you 38 dollars is just too much more to pay

      • Good news Robert, you can now get 4 bottles for $28.50 when you purchase them as a auto ship. You can set up an auto ship, 1 month, 2 month, or 3 month increments. That would be $115 plus shipping and tax.

        By the way I have been on Nopalea for 3 years now, it saved my life. The real question that everyone needs to ask is what is your life worth, $250, $500, or $1,000 a month. $38 dollars seems like a very low bid when we will go out for dinner two, three, or four times each month adding up to over $100. I believe good health is better then going out to dinner.

        Bob Casper
        (916) 952-2525

    • I agree as well! I just called to try the 32oz bottle as I have never taken this before and wanted to try it out. Well on the info-commercial, it stated that you would track your progress. And over the phone, the reps told me that I wouldn’t see a change with JUST ONE bottle. That I had to order more to even see the slightest result. I just want to try it out. They would not let me order their “hassle – free” trial bottle so I was forced to hang up the phone. I hope that they don’t treat all of their potential clients this way. The rep was actually talking over me…in a tone of voice that I did not agree with. I was not arguing with him but HE HAD to get in his sales pitch. What great customer service. 🙁 Disappointed already and I haven’t even tried the product yet. I don’t know if it’s worth the fortune that they charge for all natural ingredients.

      • The same thing happened to me just now on the phone… 🙁 A real turn-off… So what is to point to introduce a free bottle and a study if one bottle does not produce results???

    • Yea , I would like to try it as I have arthritis pain all over my body and nothing helps. I also suffer from Depression. If it was $20 or $25 a bottle I could/would afford to buy it. Hope someone up high sees this. Thank you

  8. Hi.. just wondering would anyone suggest Nopalea to someone just diagnosed with crohn’s disease

  9. 😥 Hi, ive had asthma my whole life, and im 26 now. It has recently been getting bad and ive been coughing out alot of flem. will this help me with my asthma?

    • See a wellness chiropractor so they can release the areas that are causing your asthma. If you want relief for the rest of your life then please do what I did for my Multiple Sclerosis and save your life. They saved my life and I wish I could force everyone to start this care but I cannot. My daughter has asthma and now that she is in college it is starting to act up without being under parental care; I know what you are dealing with. Also, can you imagine how much money you will save if you did not have to worry about long term care for this condition any longer? It is wonderful…no joke!!! I am 4 months into my care 5 months left and I have never felt better or stronger…! Good luck.

      • ❓ I woke up to this infomercial..and it’s like it’s calling to how long have you been doing this and does it really work that well for your MS? Do you still do regular MS meds? I’m trying to get off all the pills, and the monthly infusions..and if something like this can help..hell yeah I can afford this at 40.00 bucks per month..I’m already paying way more than that in doctors bills..

        • It’s more like $40 per bottle and the bottle is only like 32 oz and you need to drink at least 4 – 6 oz per day.

          • After a month of taking Nopalea I only had to take 1 oz a day. The inflamation relief is so gradual though, that I didn’t notice the difference until I stopped taking it. I definitely felt better taking it. 🙂

  10. Please remember that everyone should give any type of drink that detoxifies time to work. While the body is releasing toxins you may feel bad before you feel better. It depends on how much medication is in your system. Also, it is very important to see a wellness chiropractor to help release the nerves in your spine for optimal health. Until you release the nerves that your spine may be crushing, wellness is only temporary. I have MS and I am going to a Maximized Living Chiropractor and following all my therapy as well as taking the correct supplements necessary for optimal health. I have no effects from the MS and I am currently off of all medications. I am always looking for natural healing aids for myself not to re-contaminate my system any longer. Along with the therapy, a wellness chiropractor is the way everyone should be going if you want relief from your health conditions or to maintain a complete healthy life. Allow healing time…please remember this for any product that detoxifies…water…water…water…never replace this!

    • what supplements are helpful for the treatment of MS

      • if you drink diet sodas Please STOP. I have heard many stories of doctors diagnosing patients with MS and prescribing all kinds of expensive, side effect ridden meds that not only do not help, but make the patient sicker in other areas. DIET SODA IS A REAL KILLER

    • Thousand Roses

      You are right there, TY! Our doctor just recently treated my husband with gout and bursitis; I have CTS (carpal tunnel syndrome), ringing in my left ear, sciatica, asthma and acid reflux. My husband and I are just consuming our second bottle and it’s side effect was: aches and pains all over our bodies. We continued drinking it cuz’ we presume that whatever antioxidants are in this nopal fruit drink is attacking the inflammations in our bodies. Think positively! What is $40 if it will make your aches and pains go away for good? I am in my late 50s and disabled. I know that I want to grow old without aches and pains to contend with so that I will be able to care for my husband and myself, that’s the reason I called for auto-delivery. To date, the ringing in my ear disappeared and I can flex my fingers without feeling any tightness and it cleared my acidity. On the other hand, my husband can walk a lot better and the foot/shoulder pains are a lot tolerable. You may think, this is just a psychological effect or “Mind over Matter” but who cares?…. We feel great!!! Be Positive because it will take awhile to detoxify the toxins that are already in your system. Enjoy your drinks. Until next update. Take care everyone!

  11. Hi AsthmaAj87. I can relate! I’m 31 and though I have grown out of the worst of my asthma, I’ve still had that lingering congestion in my adult life.

    Nopalea has helped me with my asthma. I don’t have any of that congestion during physical activity that I used to have and I’ve noticed I don’t have any issues during times of the year that I typically suffered from severe flareups – specifically the transition from fall to winter and spring to summer… As a child I would actually be out of school for a week at a time during those times of the year because I was so congested that I couldn’t sleep. I’d wake up gasping for air in the middle of the night!

    Results do vary by individual, but just to give you a breakdown of what worked for me and my asthma condition, I found that I had to take the 6 ounces a day to start and was then able to drop it to 2 ounces a day thereafter to maintain. Trying to conserve my bottles by not doing that initial “loading phase” resulted in me not seeing any difference. The loading phase really does matter.

    Regardless of whether you decide to try it or not, best of luck! As I said, I can totally relate… and I swear there is nothing worse than not being able to take a full, deep breath.


    • Hi Christy my name is Monique and I am 19. I read your post on nopalea and
      i have asthma to and ova time it has gotin worster. I can totally relate to
      your condition I know exactly how it feel to wake up and feel like like some
      one is taking your breath away but wen I have flare ups it get so bad to where
      I get a major migrain and can barely walk. It hurts so bad trying to gasp for
      what seems like the last bit of air thats left, sometime I lose faith that I will
      make it but I always find away to hang in there. I just need some comfermination
      that this stuff really work and I would like to know the improvements you
      saw after a certain amount of time or weeks drinking it. Also my grandmother is
      a dieabetic do you think it would be good for her to atleast try it…. Please email me at tje above address I cant wait to here from you..

      • Hey, PEOPLE! Stay in school. This could be you!

        • Gary…..shame on you….

        • A product can be some what expensive but if it works and makes a person better it would be worth any amount of money. Doctors and researchers are now finding out that inflammation is a killer. It causes all kinds of diseases and health problems. It will destroy cells in the body, cause cancer, heart disease. So I am for trying anything once to see if it will work. Money back in 60 days if it does not work so what do you have to lose but your health. I have just paid 400.00 for medicine I can’t take. You are not looking at the whole picture or what it cost to go out and get the product, pay the workers, package the product. So club price is only 29.00. You join if you don’t like it get your money back. The people working on the phone are just there doing a job. Treat others as you would like to be treated and you will have a much more enjoyable conversation with people. With respect and kindness. Nothing I have ever taken in the form of natural medicine has worked right away, it takes time to get the body working right again. It took a long time to get it sick so it isn’t an over night cure. Inflammation is caused by the poison that is being put into ours bodies every day from our foods, the water we drink and the air. That is why our immune system can’t handle diseases and so many people are sick. Get rid of the inflammation and your body will start to heal.

          • I do agree with what you are saying about how the costs to produce the product add up. However with their pricing structure they are losing thousands of customers who are priced out of the market. If the price were just a few dollars less they would attract thousands who couldn’t afford at that slightly higher figure, therefore opening up an entire avenue of sales.
            Further there have been many years of research on Coconut oil and all the health benefits and this is far less expensive and can be purchased at any good grocery store. People have to stop watching infommercials and start removing toxins from their diets, exercising, and choosing to live healthier lives.

        • About asthma. From all the research I have been doing a gluten free diet with help your asthma. It is the wheat and white flour, sugar and dairy products that are causing a lot of health problems. Milk from cows it not good for people with immune diseases. Use almond milk or coconut milk. Go on line and type in Gluten and asthma read everything you can about it. If you follow what it tells you to do you can feel better. It will be a little hard at first to go on a gluten free diet but having an asthna attack is pretty scary so I would really give it a try. A lot of stores are offering more and more gluten free products. Also, any health food store will carry breads made from rice flour, deserts and many other things. It must say on the package gluten free/wheat free. Make sure to read the back for sugar amounts and salt. Stay away from soda drinks, drink more water with lemon, green tea natural no sugar.

        • Gary… I hope you are never judged in your life or maybe you have been and thats why you feel the need to put down others and while they are reaching out for help too… how sad.

          • Anybody else find it ironic that Bettyboop just used a run on sentence to tell Gary that it wasn’t nice to make fun of Monique’s grammar?

        • You are really a dumb person Gary. Get A Life.

          • Gary is simply pointing out that a poor education will not only result in the type of spelling and grammar we see above, it will also result in the type of naivete and ignorance that allows one to believe the way to health is through a telemarketed beverage @ $150 per month..

  12. I have Ulserative Colitous (inflamed Colon)…
    I have not found any drugs to eliminate my condition.
    I was wondering if there was anyone out there with the same condition that has tried this product??


  13. I have a friend who has been a victim of a shotgun wound about 30 years age and my husband recently gave him a bottle of Nopalea. The gunshot wound left him with quadriplegia and he was told he would never walk again. He proved them wrong and he does walk with crutches. He has however had moderate to severe pain that he has been coping with all these years. He has taken all kinds of pain medicine and was at the end of his rope when my husband gave him the Nopalea. He took more than the loading dose as he felt his pain was that severe and he noticed some relief within the first week. He then purchased enough to start the loading phase and had days when he is totally pain free. He was in total shock as nothing has done that before. He unfortunately is on a limited income and can’t afford to pay the high price of Nopalea to maintain so he has had to go back to pain pills which only ease the pain but he can tolerate it now where as before he was at a point where he couldn’t stand it anymore. It would be nice if they could lower the price.

  14. Ok, does anyone know if Nopalea can help heal an open wound? I had a cyst on my tail bone and had it operated on in April and it still hasn’t closed yet. I was wondering if anyone knows if it will help with this process or not because I am getting really tired of this wound and ready to start living a normal life like I had before the surgery. Oh and by the way, this is my second cyst. The first one I had operated on August 2010 and it closed November 2010 and came back in March 2011. I am 22 years old and want to have a normal life again. Thank you.


    • Sovereign liquid silver could help taking it orally and putting it directly on the wound. If you had money a Hyperberic Oxygen Chamber would be the best. Thats what Diabetics use when there wounds won’t close. You might want to make sure you are not Diabetic, that could be the cause of the wound not healing. But Sovereign brand of liquid Silver is the only trusted brand out there , told to me by many people who work in this field. A local Health food store could help with how to do the Silver. Best price is on line at there site, it sounds like you need the big bottle. Good luck.

    • Schedule an appointment with your doctor who performed the surgery. Ask him if it could be possible to try supplemental growth hormone to stimulate tissue healing.

      If your doctor refuses, there are other doctors who might be willing to fix this. Wounds that don’t heal come from either a bad surgeon or your body’s inability to heal properly. You either need a skin graft surgery or you need a medicine that promotes physical tissue growth/regeneration. Growth hormone does this.

    • try honey, just apply on your syst
      or apply aloe vera 100% gel clear one on your syst


    • Anthony, I do not know anything about the nopalea, but I do know that if you could try this..
      Firstly, grate a half potatoe, squeeze as much juice out of it with you hand, and some how put it on the cyst, I use glad wrap but it would be a bit hard to do on the tail bone. Try to keep it there, perhaps lying on your stomach watching tv… but for no longer than three hrs. It will draw out much of the toxins, they use Manuka honey, the best which I think is 25%, and that will heal it.. look it up on the net to see.. good for ulcers etc

    • i hope is not infected, but if is infected or infflammed,a topical ointment called peniciline or sulfapeniciline along with a medical powder named sulfatiazol would help with infection and healing. You can get this out of the counter at a latin store. gloria arevalo

  15. I have Diabetes Type I. Can I take Nopela and does it help with Diabetes.

    • pat westrooks

      ❓ i have serious nose bleeds from cronic sinus infections.i refuse to take anything that mightcause bleeding for my bad back or other pain. does it have any effect on the blood at all?

  16. :mrgreen: Try Xango its an anti inflammatory plus antioxidant its really amazing

  17. Which is the sugar content in Nopalea? I am a diabetic type II.
    Thank you for your answer.


  18. Does this having any qualities that would help strengthen bones with osteoporosis? I am living with chronic pain and get kidney stones so I have to be a bit careful with calcium. I do not know how to improve my bones without calcium.

    • Look up gallium with kidney stones or look up George Eby’s research on gallium. Got rid of stones plus severe joint pain. Problem with stones is not getting enough or too much calcium, but a balance in your overall chemical and nutritional intake and how your body deals with it.

      Good luck.

  19. Is this product available in our local drug stores in Vero Beach, Florida???? ❓ ❓

  20. @Happytracks: I suffered from ulcerative colitis for years and also took drugs but still had flare-ups and landed in hospital on several occasions. About 10 years ago my wife and I were introduced to an MLM program and one of their products was grapeseed capsules. I started taking them and after a few weeks found that they helped me a lot. I gradually weaned myself off the drugs and have not had any problems with the colitis since. I still take grapeseed capsules for preventative maintenance, not the MLM brand but a much cheaper version.

  21. I am having lots of flushing after finishing

  22. Could it help with large pimples? I’m not sure if the anti-inflammatory properties extend to the epidermis.

    • Try an anti-androgen topical soap that contains ketoconazol. There are hair-loss shampoos that can be used as facial cleansers to reduce acne as they often contain many anti-androgens. Hormonal effects on skin often cause acne. Reduce the homonal effect on the skin and the acne should be reduced and hopefully eliminated in conjunction with salicilic acid-based moisturizer.

  23. How can I purchase Nopalea – I live in Barbados – on top of the price I think there would be import duties. 😥

  24. My brother has crippling soratic arthritis and takes Embrel. Could he benefit from Napolea? How many bottles should I buy. Its so worth the money to help him.
    thanks Stacey P.

  25. I have peripheral neuropathy in both feet. Will this help my pain, and tingling.

  26. Do you think Napolea is safe for children. One is 4 years old and has a terrible case of eczema and one is 8 and he and his father get asthma? 😥

  27. I have cellulitis in my leg..I am on the 3rd antibiotic now trying to get rid of this..Anyone knows if this product will help me..? My leg is red and the calf of my leg is swollen.. any comments would be appreciated…I am miserable..Thanks..

  28. If you want to REALLY HELP people get healthy, LOWER the PRICE. I would guess this is only for the wealthy.

  29. Type “Nopal Cactus” in Google and you’ll find many options for buying the extract of the Nopal fruit–some of them very inexpensive. Any product that has its’ own info-mercial is automatically going to be over-priced to offset the costs of promotion. I haven’t tried Nopal yet but I intend to try it in capsule form.
    To my “Asthmatic Friends” (I’m one, too): you might try Google-ing “Graviola” and read up on it. I’ve had asthma for 63 years and Graviola (in capsule form) has worked wonders for me.

  30. Hi I have sore hands from concreting, oh and a sore on my foot. will this product help or should i seek medical advice? my IQ is 2. thanks.

  31. Wish it was cheaper so i could try it. Doesn’t seem like one free bottle will help since i would be taking it on a regular basis.
    🙁 🙁 🙁

  32. I wished it were some what cheaper so i coiuld try it and if it works I could stay on it, single mom can’t afford that every month….Lower the price!

  33. I would really love to try this as I am in constant severe pain from spinal stenosis and degenerative bone disease….However, I cannot afford the high cost you charge per bottle. Can you not lower the cost, so that more people would benefit from this drink (if it does all that you say it does).

  34. I have been diagnosed with MS can nopalea help me?

  35. I suffer from degenerative bone disease in my hip from 10+ yrs of truck driving. I do not drive anymore, but I continue to have pain that makes it difficult to do the things I enjoy! I would like to try this product, but you are CHARGING TOO MUCH!!!!! 🙁 If you want to help people… lower the price a little!

  36. I have allergies, post nasel drip and allergic to my cat would nopalea help me. Thank so much.

  37. If you lowered the price, more people could afford it and u would make a lot more money than you’re already making. $38 is wayyyyyyy too much for one bottle.

    • I agree that the price is out of line. What is needed is some good old fashion competition. That would drop the price and is a good business opportunity for someone. Welch’s? Ocean Spray? Someone needs to get in this market NOW!!

  38. I ordered one bottle and it still has not come yet, it has been 12 days since I placed the order for one bottle. The one bottle cost me 11 dollars. I don’t know if it works yet because I haven’t received it! I have cronic inflamation.

  39. I will be looking forward to try this product. as, a Christian this is one of God’s Greatest Creations I believe.

  40. 😛 Juanita, I would never suggest that you give your daughter any pharmaceuticals for ADHD or ADD. Instead, search out Sound Therapy as developed by Alfred Thomatis, MD. of France. In Europe, they have better sense than to use drugs for this. In America, the drug lords,( the AMA members) prescribe 95% of Ritalin to our children, needlessly.

  41. I have a bad disk in my back and it causes pain to run down my left leg and hip, the pain is almost unbearable at times, I have taken a bottle and no change, and i am on the second bottle, well agree with the ones about the cost i am on a fixed income and can:t a ford to buy anymore,please ,is there anyone who has the same problems, did it help them? need to know doriselou,

  42. Elizabeth Clark

    I am 76 years old and on limited income, It seems to me these people have made enough money selling there product that they would give peopole a break on the price. That is really expensive, especially for people on a limited income that might benifit from it the most

  43. I would love to try but I to can’t afford it my husband just lost his job .:cry I have chronic pain everyday.Why so pricey?

  44. Will it help dermatitis or psoriasis? Wat about Lupus? How many bottles do you have to drink drink before you notice a change?

    • Lisa,
      Did you get a response on this? I was wondering the same thing. I’m so desperate I might have to give it a shot.. it’s between this or Aloe Vera Juice.

      Michelle K

  45. 😯 😛 I had Crohn’s,surgically removed large colon,ect left with perm. ostomy pouch,age 37,tried many,many things….G3 Juice is for sure what I found to make me feel much,much more healthy,positive & energetic. Dilute with water if too strong. 1-2oz day 1 bottle lasts almost 1 month for me kept in fridge,cost is approx. $76 for 2 big bottles or $120 for 4. Bottles I think. It is also 100% risk free if it doesn’t agree with your system,
    Email me if you want more on my own experience on this.

  46. Seriously! Does anyone have a connection with a fruit juice company who could get them interested in getting in to this market. I am on my thrid bottle, finding little relief for chronic pain. I will give it a little longer, one full month of “loading phase.” But, the stuff taste great. I would keep drining it, even if it failed to help with pain, if it were affordable. Market opportunity here. Certainly a job creating opportunity. Farming the desert, bottling, distribution. Can anyone help make this happen?

  47. I am on my 5th bottle of the stuff, drinking 4 oz. faithfully every day. I have not noticed any improvement in my chronic shoulder pain whatsoever! I have spent $330.00 on Nopalea, and was so sure it would help me after watching all those seemingly very sincere people on the infomercial. There is a sucker born every minute….and I admit I fell for this scam. Please don’t waste your money. 😥

    • Stick with it. Took me from jan 1st till almost end of March when I actually started to notice the difference and was pleasantly surprised. I took 3oz in am and 3oz in pm. I am not thrilled with the price either like many have stated on their posts, but I won’t stop as I feel so much better than I did prior and I’ve done much crazier and more expensive things to relieve the pain, which really did not work, than drink some juice.

      Good luck all (and I just am a person who buys it – not interested in MLM opportunity).

  48. Hi, I am an Independent Business Owner with TriVita. I can help answer your questions on Nopalea. Nopalea is not just any cactus drink  It has a concentrate that includes betalains and several dark berries that increase the anti-toxin and anti-inflamatory properties. 
    My Email is
    Contact number is 1888-5949992.

  49. Abraham Lincoln

    😀 Wow I bought this and now I’ve come back from the grave this drink it so amazing I plan on running for another term. I am so happy I fell for this infomercial geez to think I almost just kept my money… .

  50. Does the product help with hard belly fat?

    • godareyoukidingme

      nopalea is for some one who is suffer from inflammation
      Muscles, joint and body inflammation – causing joint, muscle and body pain
      Respiratory inflammation – causing allergies and breathing difficulties
      Arterial inflammation – causing heart health problems
      Digestive tract inflammation – causing bloating, cramps and burning
      Widespread body cell inflammation – causing overall fatigue

      belly fat is fat not inflammation

  51. Seriously people, there is NO MEDICAL PROOF of any claims. Save your money, this crap is snake oil sold by another MLM company, dont be a sucker.

  52. Well, here we go again, another producy ala, MonaVie and SeaSilver whoch claims to cure everything from ADHD to Hypertension to a litany of Neurological symptoms. The fact is NO one product can address all these different illnesses. It is manufactured from Prickly pear cactus, a very cheap product and plentiful in Mexico for about 1.00 a bottle. The added Agave Syrup (Not Algarve) to a sweetner low on the glycemic level also from a cactus. It you eat a healthy diet and cut out processed foods you will get the same effect. Acai juice as well as Pomegranate Juice are the highest known on the anti-oxidant level and they are very inexpensive. This is what is called a Multi-Level-Marketing (MLM) scheme. Want to reduce inflammation? Add ginger you your diet. Watch the DVD’s “Forks over Knives”, Food, Inc. The Gerson Mirsacle. They will tell you how simply changing to an organic diet, filled with pleanty of fruit and vegetable juices will do the same thing this juice claims to do and more for about 1/10th the cost.

  53. It does create a curing affect but it doesn’t last. You have to keep buying the stuff, and honestly I can’t afford no juice that is 40 bucks a bottle… Too expensive for me, plus it’s not a permanent affect, only last for a little while.

  54. 😛 I am a Nutritionist and after reading most of these write ins, I feel that most are on a mostly cooked food diet. I say just get more raw food in your diet and observe FOOD COMBINING. Get at least 80% of your diet RAW. Have you seen an obese Deer and look at the Gorilla or Elephant, isn’t it an all raw diet. We should do the same. I am 83 and my diet is about +95% raw and I take no prescriptions to poison myself. Hope this will help many of my friends.

  55. I have Ulcerative Colitis, neck and lower back injury in addition to a few other ailments from years of leading an active and extreme lifestyle. Currently there is no cure for UC and the few drugs available to treat symptoms have severe side effects. After being laid off of my last job and losing my health insurance, I was forced to look for a non prescription alternative to the medication I was using before, and something more affordable given my financial situation. I was excited to see the Nopalea ad on TV one late night and was eager to try it out. That is until I got to the website and saw the price being charged for this over the counter product. Its not like the prescription drug manufacturers who claim thousands of hours of research and development by top scientists in addition to FDA approval after extensive clinical trials. Nopalea is an over the counter extract from natural vegetation that grows all over the desert. Plus, the cash price to purchase my prescription meds is cheaper than Nopalea costs. To me, theres no advantage to using Nopalea, a unproven product compared to my prescription meds. Looking at the comments posted here, I am bothered by the excessive number of comments concerning cost of the product. Furthermore, the number of negative comments seem to outweigh the positive by far. If you want people to try your product, then lower the price. I for one, will seek an alternative. Thats too bad. If this stuff really works, the company had a good chance of making a difference in the health of the public. Apparently, it would rather profit off of the chronically ill.

  56. I truly was looking forward to trying this product for my husband who has cancer and for myself because I am suffering from some arthritis. Really, the cost is too much for us to even try especially since you are saying that it is only a temporary fix and you will need to constantly drink ounces a day. We are on a fixed income and it is impossible to purchase because of the cost. Another fear is that if they sell it cheaper, they will water it down like some of the other drugs out there and we will not get anything from it anyway.

  57. Marilyn Bennett

    What makes Sonora Desert cactus any better than getting same fruit at a health food store or growing your own? Does this product help Fibromyalgia ?

    • Fibromyalgia is what I have but I also have been told that I have an auto immune disease, I believe they go hand in hand. The inflammation in the body causes the pain. Stiff joints, head aches, back aches, a number of different things. Some people have it so bad that they are down into the bed for days. It also causes depression. So if the juice will get rid of the inflammation then you are half way there. The next step is the diet. A gluten/wheat free diet or paleo diet will help keep everything in balance while you are getting the inflammation under control.No soda, no sugar, no salt, no bananas. Green tea with lemons and lots of water. Inflammation can cause cancer, heart disease, lots of other diseases. Why not try the juice if it doesn’t work for you send it back and get your money before the 60 day trail period is over. Go on line and look up the paleo diet and see how it has helped all these different people.

      • please advise about lupus- i’ve taken nopalea on& off but not consistantly– how much should i take or rather whatis the max i can take daily? about 1 1/2 mo. ago both my hips started hurting- now my knees are begining to swell. ive changed my diet this week. how long do you think it may take before i will stop huring- i don’t care how much it cost if it will work. my ins. is $5000 ded. i want to go the natural route. im 60 yr old- do you have any testimonies about people with lupus on nopalea?i appreciate the info you’ve shared about diet also.-

  58. I want to know if any one heard of Levive from Ardyss and if it works because it’s cheaper. I want to purchase this because of pain in my legs and feet does’ it work or what no lies please tell the truth

  59. The Sceptic Cynic

    Considering this company will be smacked by the FDA for making medical claims without any proof or submission to the FDA, buyer beware. Just another ripoff company that will disappear and pop up under a new name.

  60. Read most of the reviews and saw many positive feed backs the common negative ones are related to price. Has anyone done any research on finding a similar product that you can actually go buy at store without the rip off prices? Let me know and I will pass it on as well to help others.

  61. I’m back and have some suggestions, try “nopal cactus powder” for $19.95 on Amazon or go to your local herb store or any store with a vitamin section and buy cactus products in powder, capsules, or tablets. If it’s a PURE cactus product it can’t be any different than “Nopalea”, except for the hype and hefty price tag! Good Luck! ❓ 😉

  62. ❓ I thought reading the reviews would help me decide if I wanted to order this product. Not the case. Bad and good reviews are about 50/50 😯 Of course all of us want relief, but no ones review pushed me over the edge giving me the want to pay as much as they want to charge. If anyone has RSD, and has used this product could you please give me your feedback. I broke my ankle back in Oct. 2012, here I am four months later still on crutches…not from the brake but the RSD. I just want my normal life back and I’m willing to do anything to get it, EXCEPT GETTING SCAMMED! Anybodies help is highly apprieciated. I also hope each and everyone of you find relief. xoxo

    • I have been taking since jan and just started noticing relief at end of march. I was like you…do anything to feel the relief and was very skeptical. All I can say is be prepared to spend the $$ and stick with it for a couple of months. I figured I was either going to be scammed or what the heck, it could actually work. I am still not totally convinced, but based on the way I am feeling I am getting closer daily. If I can continue to feel the way i do today in a month or two, ill be a full believer (I have a ton of inflammation over the years from pro sports day – wear and tear on body). Good luck in our decision.

  63. I ordered the trial bottle, as a former customer service rep working a job like the agents here do and quitting because I hated doing the upselling, I told the rep look, I know you are doing your job, but skip the upsells, I am not spending alot of money on something I dont even know if I am going to have a reaction too or whatever, I spoke over them and got authoritative like this is what I want and you do what I SAY! I got my bottle and have taken 2 doses so far. I have horrible bone spurs pain in my back on top of arthritis and am always in pain. I took my first 6oz or so, 3/4 of a cup. I tried to meausre it with an oz cup. I THOUGHT I noticed a slight .5% Difference for a little bit. I am always in excruciating pain though, so I am not really sure yet as its too early. It is worth trying the bottle. Usually any kind of natural herbs take about 3 weeks to a month to get in your system and help somewhat. I agree too, $38 is way too much with the way the economy is. I am desperate for relief too as I can hardly walk half of the time it hurts so bad from the inflammation. We shall see!

    • I can definately tell you that I have had an amazing result in only 3wks. I the first 4 days muscle pain in back-stopped. I have had colitis for years but under control…2 weeks on this product, you can see the difference in colon…comes out just like Dr. Oz says–no pain and they results are now reducing arthritic pain in knees and hands.
      PEOPLE PLEASE UNDERSTAND-THE EXPENSE IS BECAUSE THE FLOWER THIS IS MADE FROM GROWS ON THE LARGE “SOLDIER” TYPE CACTUS. ONLY IN THE SONORA DESERT AREA AND ONLY 2 TIMES A YEAR. I feel that somehow I will find a way to buy this instead of over the counter meds. I have fibromalyia – I can’t stop now and go back. After loading I will only need 1 – 3 oz a day and perhaps I can stretch that out after everything under control.
      **i put on my cc and then stopped eating out and bying Starbucks anything to afford living in NO pain.

  64. will this product help to lower blood sugar levels

    • To Laura. this juice will not lower your blood sugar levels all by itself. It contains 15 processed fruit juices to the pureed cactus fruit plant named nopalea. If Trivita company truly believed in the healing properties of this plant they would not have had to rely on 15 processed fruit jucies they added to the mix. Ask for the ingredients they added! It’s on every bottle. Eat right portions, no added sugar, appropriate calorie ADA diet recommended by your Doctor. Don’t eat candy,sodas,cakes,white rice,potatoes,white bread: and eat whole grain carbs,fresh and frozen vegtables, fresh fruits in moderation and well balanced diet. Your blood sugars will stablize with the right foods!

  65. Amazing how soon we forget things like this 🙄 Remember Acai Berry? So many fake testimonials 😯 These people don’t want to help. They want to get rich before the scam is revealed 😈

  66. Has anyone mentioned that this product stops hair loss. In fact I think it helps grow hair. I have tried everything but my hair kept on thinning. I have been drinking this for about 3 months and my hair is growing back. Has anyone mentioned this??

    • Hi Niecy, I agree, after only 3 weeks what I see already is a great decrease in hair loss – i wash hair in shower and I have all but STOPPED LOSING MY HAIR !

      I am 68 and on SS but I figure that in stop spending on other things “I want” – I will now spend money on what “I MUST HAVE TO HAVE HEALTH WITH NO PAIN”.

      😛 THANKS

  67. 👿 🙁 I tried this stuff and it absolutely did nothing. Doesn’t taste too bad but did nothing for my joint stiffness, arthritis, etc. Waste of $ in my opinion. Bob

  68. I have just received my first shipment. I tried it because I have SCD. A friend of mine who has the same condition I have has been taking this for years and is now off all of her meds. I pray it will work for me because I suffer with chronic pain everyday. So tired of the pain killers, I want off of the meds and want to live a better quality of life. I will post back soon to let everyone know if it has helped me or not.

  69. I don’t think that Nopalea is an intentional scam. At the same time, I now know (after trying it for a couple of months) that Nopalea simply does not work, it is just a very expensive drink with tons of sugar in it adding to your weight. That is my honest opinion.

  70. ❓ I myself have never used nopalea, but have seen paid advertisements on TV. I am not claiming that nopalea will or will not be helpful. I do believe there are health products on the market that could help with certain health conditions.

    I agree, the product is a bit expensive. If I may, there is a product on the market for many years now that could be an alternative to nopalea. It’s called aloe vera juice, but at the same time I make no claim that aloe vera juice will or will not help health conditions, but I do think aloe vera is a bit cheaper.

    After hearing many claims about nopalea, in a number of ways it sounds similar to many claims that have been made about aloe vera juice. If I remember, I believe aloe vera comes from the catus family. I have tried aloe vera, and it can be quite bitter, but for me I found that my mixing it with milk and a table spoon of honey made the aloe vera much more drinkable.

    As far as fighting inflammation with health supplements, I’m going to bet that this is based on eating healthy foods, and in particular the fruits and vegitables as the foundation for certain health products to be of a true value to human health, but that is just my opinion. I will admit that my diet is not quite what it should be.

    In my opinion, I do believe that food rich in omega 3’s has some worthy science behind it, and in particular fish oil, and the right kinds of fish itself. There are many fish oil products to choose from, and for some of us fish oil capsules is not something we can tolerate.

    There is a fairly new omega 3 fish product on the market, and it is called vectomega. Personly. I can tolerate the product. No lingering fish taste or fish burps for me. It is not a oil capsule, but rather like a caplet. I have no money ties to the product, nor the company that makes it.

    I simply bought a box, and gave it a try, and I found it to be reasonable enough to at least mention for people that are looking for a way to try to reduce inflammation in the body. I found it Online for about thirty bucks, and you get 60 caplets. It can be taken once or twice a day according to directions, and is said to be more potent that plain fish oil capsules due to the way it is manufactured.

    The one thing I would suggest if you choose oil capsules or the vectomega is to monitor your blood pressure at home just to make sure blood pressure doesn’t go too low. If a person takes blood pressure medication, I would say double important to monitor your blood pressure at home, and inform your doctor because he/she might make an adjustment in the medication before you start either kind of product.

    Well, I know this wasn’t all about nopalea, but I just wanted to introduce a couple other options that could lower inflammation in your body.

  71. My fiance has pain in his joint’s, shoulders, chest and head as well as redness on his hands. He was thinking about trying Nopalea until we found out how expensive it is and read all the negative comments. Does anyone know of anything he could take that would help that doesn’t cost $40 a week? 💡 I am also looking for something natural to take to better total body health. I would appreciate any information or feedback anyone could give. Thank you!!! 🙂

  72. 40.00 dollars is expensive but have you considered just taking half a dose, because if your friend uses it and it helps half a dose of something natural is better than taking a harsh drug from a Dr. that may cause additional side effects. I have work injuries and the Dr. gave me harmful drugs that I did not need, I cannot afford nopalea yet, buy I do tak natural flaxseed oil, and wal mart sale it, it helps with my injuries

    a concerned reader

  73. I assume this works on siatic back pain too. I only caught part of the commercial.. I hope so this $#*! is killing me and ruining my life 😥 😡

  74. 😛 wow Looks like the jury is mixed on exactly what is Nopalea and what are the benefits or side effects, I agree with the comment that any chronic condition should be treated by a medical professional and supplemented with product like Nopalea.
    I pray that all who are in pain would find relief.

  75. First, it was Acai juice, then Mangosteen juice, now Nopalea – “witch juice” for the fools to take.

    As P.T. Barnum “A sucker born every minute”

    Don’t you love these sugar water, fruit flavoured placebos?

    Glass of orange, or tomato juice, being tons cheaper, can do the same results.

  76. this is the biggest scam I have seen in some time. 40 dollars for a quart of fruit juice? These people are having a good one on the people so stupid to fall for this one. Dear God people, wake up. 160 dollars a gallon?????

  77. I hear the pros and cons from people which leads me to say this, I don’t know if this really works or not. I do know that with prescription drugs certain ones work better for some people than others, thats a fact. So it bothers me to hear people say that it is a scam especially if they voice their opinion on something they have never tried. It is unfortunate that the few get rich scams out there ruin the reputation of something that could potentially be very helpful to allot of people. I am trying this for 6 weeks if it doesn’t work for me, I will get my money back.I have a degenerative disk between C6 and C7 and have talked to allot of Doctors about how they can help me, Most of them say surgery and the types of surgery vary. Some are much more invasive than others.If I get the surgery and it doesn’t work then i am certainly at the mercy of a doctor. If the juice doesn’t work I will get my money back.

  78. Has any one heard of Costo Chondritis. and will nopalea help?

  79. What medication or vitamins should not be taken with Nopalea?

  80. You know people I have a huge amount of this cactus at the front of my land its getting the big red berries on top I’m gonna take it remove all the spines put it in my juicer than I’m gonna drink it I bet a lot of you have the cactus. To do this with?

  81. Hey Everyone ! I see that a lot of us are grasping at straws. I have been for years. I have DDD, DBD, surgery on both shoulders, right hip, soon to be the left hip, and the first of three spinal surgeries. So speaking from 30+ years of “Constant” not chronic pain. I could and should start a museum of Medical Quackery ! Over the years, especially the younger years, I have purchased almost every spectacular breakthrough device out there to try and ease my pain and suffering… I’m still searching by the way. But I have yet to find that magical cure. And this product sure seems to fall dead into the MLM category. Come on people! This also brings to mind a past experience of mine in sales. It’s really a basic sales approach. You can sell one for a hundred and make a dollar. Or you could lower the price and make half of a dollar but sell fifty of them. Hmm… Let’s see? Which is the better plan? The findings aren’t verified by any trustworthy source. And it sure has people rushing to throw large sums of money at it. And it sounds as though it’s the New Wonder Drug that can cure so many different maladies. Wait… It’s the Wild Wild West and all of the “Snake Oil” wagons are circling around us. I would definitely steer clear of this one ! Just listen to all of the hype !! There is nothing in this world that can be so significant in the treatment of so many different ailments. I know that we want to believe, but even if it could do what it is presumed to do, it wouldn’t be over the counter. Let’s all click our heels together three times and keep saying I want be cured … You never know, it certainly got Dorothy home.

  82. Not IQ challenged

    That so many people keep falling for this medical quackery is amazing. People, despite enormous strides in real medicine and science, are still no more evolved than when people sold patent medicine, or radium supplements.

  83. I also tried to inquire about the product before purchasing it. In the midst of doing so the rep was extremely aggressive giving me information i did not ask for. I tried asking my question again and he continued to talk over me. what a turn off! I can only imagine what a conversation will be like if I purchased the product and had questions or concerns..
    I believed the product might be good but I guess I will never know. It’s not worth the harrasment
    Very bad customer service. RUN

  84. i buy a 32oz bottle of nopalea,the colour is not red like what is shown in the adds on tv the colour i got is brown.and what is the write amount of this drink to take to get help. there is so many diffrents of oppinion is your addvertisment.this drink cost a lot of money, so i would like to know the truth.

    thanks Dorothy.

  85. why are people so nasty to others?

  86. I bought in to the product sales pitch. Started with 3oz a day. No change. They suggested I go to 6oz a day. No change. Went to 12oz a day on their recommendation. No change. Determind to make it work I drank 6 cases (24 bottles) over a 4 month period. Nothing! Seems to be just another way to drain folks of their hard earned money by selling false hope.
    If it works for one person then why not all???

  87. I’m having discomfort in my lymph glands under my armpit to my lower throat. Could this be caused by Nopalea?

  88. this is a freaking cactus used as part of a Mexican diet. is the plant a rare type of cactus? i think these people are trying to make money of all the people who really need them but then can’t afford. they are robbing of many people that who would go out their way to get this miracle drink knowing that they can’t afford. it is probably cheaper to move to Mexico and live there than trying to ordering this product every month to save your health. it is so sad. 🙁

  89. Betalains were first found in a plant that is known scientifically as “Beta vulgaris.” The word “betalain” is derived from the name of the Beta vulgaris plant. The Beta vulgaris plant has as much or more betalain than Nopal cactus, particularly in its root structure. So, why do the infomercials promote the exotic Nopal cactus? Because “Beta vulgaris” plants are otherwise known as beets. I don’t think anybody would pay $30-$40 for a bottle of beet juice. 😉

  90. Stop being cheap!!! I’ve taken this product for a long time as I have ulcerative colitis. It helped beyond belief. If I asked you to grow a cactus or go in the dessert to naturally extract it, then said buy the bottles, have the research done on it, have employees to pay, advertise, have shipping facilities, ect ect.. And it’s 20-25 dollars a week you’d complain about the price over your health? I’ll tell you what.. Don’t order it.. Try a bunch of cheap ways out and several doctors appointments, and the possibility of unnatural medications and see what that adds up to.. How’s that?

  91. ❓ what about a person with kidney disease; will this harm them in any way; they can’t have foods high in potassium and fruits are high in potassium; my husband is on dialysis and has a lot of back pain. I wonder if this drink would help him?

  92. I left a comment, thia ia a scam, only a scam, what the hell is wrong with you people, forty bucks for juice????? Goddamn it.

  93. if this stuff actually works it will not be arpund for long. The FDA hates natural cured that actually work. they want people stuck on medicine that only treats so they can pay more on the drug for a refill. There are tons of natural cures out there but the FDA blocks most of them as they are devilish. Look at airborne supplement which prevented the common cold. That product actually worked but the FDA sued them and got rid of their management team and replace them with new people and a new CEO and changed the ingredients of it.

  94. I am having a pain in my ass, what do you think about using this stuff?

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