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When it comes to osteochondrosis you can consider it to be an orthopedic disease in the joint that can be found in children and fast growing animals. Other than children, osteochondrosis, when found, is found more in horses, pigs and dogs than any other animals. Turkeys and calves have also been believed to have this condition especially when they grow faster than normal or faster than the body can keep up with.

On average, in humans, more people seem to show signs of this disease when they reach 30 years of age and older. Although humans over 30 are more susceptible to osteochondrosis it is not limited to that age group, in fact some individuals can get the disease before they turn 20 years old. Men and women both are susceptible to the symptoms of osteochondrosis, men just seem to have more pain with the symptoms and women seem to be more likely to catch osteochondrosis than men.

The word osteochondrosis is used to describe different types of lesions that range from a large family of orthopedic diseases that interrupt the blood supply to the bones.  The cause of this symptom is unknown but many studies have connected it to growing at a fast speed.

Some other studies seem to point towards heredity and dietary imbalances as a contributing factor as well. When it comes to humans you can classify osteochondrosis into 3 groups:

  • Spinal – This is a disease in the spinal area which causes a curve or hunch in the back
  • Non-articular – Is in the field of some other diseases such as Sever’s disease in the heels and other diseases that are in the hands and other parts of the body
  • Articular – Avascular necrosis is a deformity of the hip from dead bone collapsing and causing the deformity. A limp is often the result accompanied by pain.

Any disease that stops the ability of bones to regenerate and grow is a type of osteochondrosis. There are many places and treatment that pop up all of the time to make sure to have your facts when looking into treatment for your osteochondrosis.

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