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Osteosarcoma, in simple terms, is historically the most common form of bone cancer that anyone can have. Osteosarcoma itself is a cancerous neoplasm that arises from cell born of mesenchymal beginnings which produces a malignant osteoid that proceeds to spread cancer throughout the bones.

Causes of Osteosarcoma

The actual causes of osteosarcoma are just as unknown as the ways to cure cancer. There are technically no known causes of osteosarcoma but there are related but non-relevant activities. Recently, scientists have been researching on how to isolate certain genetic factors within a person’s DNA that will tell whether this person has a bigger chance of osteosarcoma than another person.

Currently, all such studies are still without answer but hopefully, with time, solutions will be found and the world will be a happier place. For now, relieving the symptoms caused by osteosarcoma is of great importance as well because if someone is going through it, they need to be as comfortable as possible as well as well taken care of.

Diagnosis of Osteosarcoma

Diagnosing osteosarcoma is a completely different subject when compared to the diagnosing of a rash or case of flu because the sign to be seen is deep within the body on the bone itself. Pain will bring the person into a physician’s office but it won’t get a diagnosis of osteosarcoma and that is specifically because all of the symptoms related to osteosarcoma are general and often mistaken for muscle problems or minor cysts that require no medical attention. X-ray is the most common way to find it in the end.

Symptoms of Osteosarcoma

  • Pain that is much worse at night than at day and is concentrated in one or specific areas should raise the attention of anyone enough to go to their medical professional.
  • Bone tumors are very common, although often non-cancerous (benign) but they can cause the tissue surrounding the bone to swell and become engrossed with pain and tenderness.
  • Weakened bones that could result in fracture or other type of injury

Osteosarcoma Treatment

As with most other cancers, osteosarcoma is commonly treated with chemotherapy that is followed by surgery to remove the bone tumors.

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