Pelvic Ultrasound – What You Need To Know

An ultrasound is a procedure involving the use of sound waves set at a high frequency to create images that help doctors see the inside of humans. Its most often conducted on pregnant women to see the sex of their unborn child and to monitor its health. However ultrasounds are carried out of various other parts like the pelvic ultrasound. In this procedure the patient is made to lie down in such a position so that the sound waves hit the pelvis of the patient and echo back from the tissues, thus creating images.

The pelvic ultrasound is a procedure often carried out on obese women to check their pelvis after conducting a physical exam as well. In other cases when patients complain of pain in the pelvis the pelvic ultrasound is carried out. It is also carried out on pregnant women along with cases in which the cause of infertility needs to be determined. The pelvic ultrasound helps doctors see what the size and shape is of the pelvis organs like the bladder. Therefore in problems related to bladder dysfunction again pelvic ultrasound is the preferred procedure. In women pelvic ultrasound is carried out to check out their reproductive organs for any complications like the uterus, vagina, cervix or ovaries. Pelvic ultrasound is the best procedure to detect any conditions of inflammation, tumor, cysts or free fluid in the pelvic area of the patient.

Pelvic ultrasound is most commonly conducted on pregnant women to check out the size of the uterus so that a due date can be given to the expecting mother. Pelvic ultrasound also helps in detecting cases of multiple fetuses in the women’s uterus or to confirm whether the fetus is alive or not. Another great usage of pelvic ultrasound is to detect pregnancies that whether they are inside the uterus or outside the uterus. Pelvic ultrasound also helps figure out any abnormalities or defects in the unborn child so that the parents can be prepared for it. Finally during the final stages of pregnancy, pelvic ultrasound is used to check out the position of the baby, its growth and other factors to ensure a smooth delivery.

Doctors make use of the pelvic ultrasound procedure when they have to insert needles during the process of amniocentesis and chronic villus sampling. With the help of pelvic ultrasound the doctors can ensure that the needle is inserted with 100% accuracy.

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