Pharmacist Salary – Hard Earned Money

Pharmacists are professionals who are qualified to provide many forms of medical assistance in a pharmacy. A pharmacist can be male as well as female. The early pharmacists were unlike the present educated and qualified ones as their work was merely looking after the pharmacy, proper labeling and distribution of medicines. However, the present scenario is different; pharmacists should possess university level education to understand the work and action of drugs, drug uses, therapeutic roles and side effects. It is necessary for a pharmacist to be able to understand and communicate this specialized knowledge to patients. A pharmacist often happens to be the first person we visit for health related inquires. Medication and patient compliance being a serious issue, it is necessary that a pharmacist should be well versed in both the knowledge and skill required.

In the United States, after 1998 all the pharmacists are required to have a Doctor of Pharmacy degree in order to have a license for practice. In general, pharmacist salary is quite high as compared to other degree level careers. The salary of a pharmacist earned by professionals across various companies and industries is impacted by various factors like certification, experience, company size etc. The variation in payment according to the industry is as follows:

  • Pharmacy: $67,887 – $122,501
  • Hospital: $64,662 – $123,174
  • Healthcare: $65,829 – $123,092
  • Pharmaceutical companies: $61,471 – $121,247

The average pharmacist salary given by some popular employers like Wal-Mart and Walgreen’s pharmacy is in the range of $67,500 – $120,716 and $51,521 – $103,474 respectively. The salary of a pharmacist working in a pharmacy can be expected to be between $58,356 and $124,686. Pharmacist salary can be further classified as per the designation of the person; which can be of a retail pharmacist, pharmacist in charge and hospital staff pharmacist. Their respective earnings are found to be $79,345 – $125,970, $93,963 – $137,309 and $85,044 – $124,248. The expected salary according to years of experience also has a considerable variation. A person who has less than one year of experience can expect a salary between   $49,260 and $109,876; if experience falls between 1 and 4 years, $49,605 – $116,643 is the range; for 5-9 years, $64,390 – $123,910, and 10-19 years of experience can fetch a salary between $68,945 and $125,070. Statistics show that there is a difference in the salaries paid on the basis of gender. Males can expect a salary of $83,697 – $111,494, while the female salary will range between $73,047 and $108,958. It has been seen that the larger the company the better the pay earned. Increase in the number of drug therapies has led to an increased demand for the clinical counseling skills of a pharmacist. The profession of a pharmacist requires a great deal of knowledge, hard work and concentration. For compliance with these requirements, it is necessary to have accredited degrees and certifications. The lucrative payment that comes with the job makes it a suitable career opportunity.

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