Phenphedrine Side Effects

Phenphedrine is a new drug – an addition to the dietary supplements in the market, one that promises great benefits. The problem is it is made and being sold by anonymous retailers, so their promise benefits are very questionable. Many people claims that there are relevant Phenphedrine side effects that are adverse to them. Some of the components of the drugs are believe to be causing those bad effects.

According to the site promoting this drug, Phenylethylamine has many great side effects. Some of the things they listed are increase focus and energy, loss of appetite, increased sweating, increased libido, and instant dramatic loss of weight. They supported those Phenphedrine side effects through the contents of the drug. They claimed that those chemicals are all good fat burners which will surely give great results to people dieting. What they don’t mention in the site is the truth behind those contents and some of the bad effects they can give.      

Phenphedrine is composed of Hydroxycut, DiCaffeine Malate, Hops, Chocamine, Razberri-K, Ginger, Phenylethylamine, Synephrine HCL, Eyodiamine, Sclareolide, Dimethylamylamine, and Yohimbine. Some of those chemicals can really cause loss of weight, but truly have very mild results. Phenylethylamine good effect is utterly negated by the risk that several of its contents give to its users.

Hydroxycut is the worst among those contents. It is a chemical that can burn fat, but just recently was found out to be causing cardiac side effects. Also, some claims that it already causes death on one of the teenagers on US. This is the reason why drugs rich in Hydroxycut are banned in a lot of countries. Phenphedrine are said to be low in Hydroxycut; but because it’s retailed anonymously, there is a great risk upon its use.   

Another content of Phenphedrine that can cause bad side effect is its DiCaffeine Malate. DiCaffeine Malate is composed of the combination of malic acid and caffeine. Malic acid enhances the effect of caffeine, which results to boost in heart rate that can lead to burn of fats. It’s a chief chemical; so many diet supplements have it in their composition. The problem is when a drug contains a lot of DiCaffeine Malate, there’s a great chance that the user can have insomnia, stomach cramps, very rapid heartbeat, nausea, and headaches. This is the reason why doctors recommend drugs with DiCaffeine Malate that is sold by trusted retailers, which exclude Phenphedrine.

Yohimbe in the drugs also poses some threats to Phenphedrine users. It has unpredictable effects to the blood pressure. Some people with diabetes and people with low blood sugar claim that their illness worsens upon the use of this drug. This could be possibly caused by Yohimbe, but this is not yet clinically proven. People with blood disorders should be careful in the use of Phenphedrine.   


There are still people who believe that Phenphedrine side effects are beneficial rather than detrimental. Maybe it has some good effects, but the question is was it worth its price? Phenphedrine drugs cost for around $59 to $69. People should carefully balance things out before buying it.

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