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The world has seen the continuous progress and popularity of fitness related products and activities ranging from vitamin supplements, home based exercise programs and even widespread use of over the counter medications to remedy simple conditions. Despite all these improvements in public knowledge on health, there is still an increasing need for health care services especially the preference of people to undergo health management in a non-hospital environment such as company clinics, nursing homes or concierge health care.


One of the companies that help address this ever changing health care landscape would be PSS World Medical Inc. It is based on the United States and supplies health products ranging from medical equipments and pharmaceutical related products such as drugs, intravenous fluids, immunizations and supplements to non-institution health care providers.


PSS World Medical does not only offer its services to big facilities such as long term care centers, nursing home cares for elderly clients, psychiatric facilities, community clinics and lying in centers. A division of the company called the Physician Sales and Services unit is responsible for sending more than 850 sales representatives directly to smaller versions of these facilities such as offices of doctors, private duty nurses’ clinics, and home based or concierge service providers, and even company based clinics spread throughout the nation.


The company has remained in business for more than 25 years already and has been named one of the 400 biggest and best companies according to Forbes magazine; and was named by the same magazine as one of the future best businesses to invest in. Since then the company has maintained to be the primary medical inventory service provider in the country distributing more than 50, 000 different products to over a thousand major manufacturers.


PSS World Medical continues to grow and improve the different services that they deliver as manifested by helping these facilities to operate at lower costs and sustain the finances needed to keep these health care units working. PSS introduced its own product line that gives an option to choose between branded products like or choose low cost but high quality alternatives.

PSS recently formed exclusive business relations with Consult Diagnostics, Lumeon, Beckman Coulter, Baxter, Abbott Diagnostics as well as other manufacturers of diagnostic equipment so that instead of spending money on affiliated laboratory and diagnostic centers, these companies are able to keep revenue with these equipments.


Another innovation brought by the company is its inventory management and billing services that allows their customers to take track of the expenses and the products that are most sought after. This maximizes the allocation of resources and at the same time minimizing health care costs. PSS released Custom Reporting and a website based inventory,, which both prevented over stocking and under supply of some products since the website accounts contain computer based information and logs reducing the amount needed for paper accounts and human resources for accounting.


PSS World Medical has made health care services accessible to people from all places and all walks of life. There are still a lot of advances and innovations that we are going to see in health care and perhaps this company might pioneer these changes.


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