Relion Blood Pressure Monitor: The Pros and Cons

Relion blood pressure monitors are the same as Omron monitors, except they are especially made for sale at Wal-Mart. Like any device, it has pros and cons.

            For your own guidance, take note of the following pros:

            A Relion blood pressure monitor is about $15 cheaper than other blood pressure monitors. This makes this product more accessible to the public. A healthier lifestyle is now more affordable.

            Another advantage of this product is that it is handy and very easy to use. You only have to put on the arm cuff, which fits any adult’s arm that is about 9-13 centimeters in circumference. When you are ready, just press the “Start” button. The device will then inflate the cuff around your arm, and show a reading of your blood pressure on the screen.

            Another advantage of using blood pressure monitors is that you are able to record and keep track of your blood pressure daily. Depending on your risk for hypertension or your doctor’s specific instructions, you may take your blood pressure more often than this. Being able to do this in the comfort of your own home lessens your risk of a stroke. Although doctors prescribe hypertensive medicine, some emergency hypertensive drugs such as Catapres, should only be taken after taking your blood pressure, when you are sure that your BP is high. The reason for this is that the patient may feel like his blood pressure is high because he is dizzy or experiencing a headache, but his BP may actually be low. Taking drugs like Catapres which lower one’s BP, when in fact it is already low, is potentially disastrous. A person is just as likely to have a stroke from low blood pressure as he is from high blood pressure.

            When you are monitoring your blood pressure daily, you are also doubly conscious of your health needs and are more likely to address these daily. For example, seeing that you have a high blood pressure today will help you keep away from fatty and salty food. The whole act of monitoring your BP will make you more accountable and responsible in terms of diet, exercise and stress management. You are less likely to take your BP and your general health for granted.

            There are also cons in using a Relion blood pressure monitor.  One is that it sometimes gives an inaccurate reading. However, the company claims that this can be avoided by letting at least five minutes lapse in between any two BP readings.

            Now that you know the advantages and disadvantages of Relion blood pressure monitors, you may want to know the models that you can choose from. These are Relion Automatic, Relion Compact Automatic (very handy and easy to carry), and Relion Easy Wrap (which features a larger cuff, and virtually silent operation). There is also a Relion Wrist Monitor. The ladies will also love Relion for Women, which is pink and provide gentler inflation at the cuff. Being healthy has never been so easy and pretty!

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