Retinitis Pigmentosa – Symptoms | Treatments | Causes

Retinitis pigmentosa is an inherited eye condition that is passed down by genetics and is a collection of conditions that lead to blindness. Some of the symptoms of retinitis pigmentosa are:

  • Night blindness will occur first making it harder to see in low lighted areas and conditions
  • Tunnel vision after time will come after the effects of the night blindness
  • Total blindness is not a guaranteed thing but the decrease of vision is.

Treatments are vitamin A even though there is no cure for this condition at this time. Vitamin A palmitate has been proven to delay the blindness by close to 10 years. Many believe that future treatments will be that of retinal transplants, stem cells, and even nutrition supplements.

Many people with retinitis pigmentosa keep some of their vision their whole life but will become legally blind when they reach their 50s. The fact of the matter is that each case can be different from patient to patient. In some early cases, it can cause children to become blind after just a few years. With this being known there are really no exact predictions on how long this condition will take to destroy your eyes.

The main problem with retinitis pigmentosa is that it progresses over time and some may progress faster than others. This type of retinal disorder affects the rods and cones in the eyes and will lead to serious vision loss that may deem you legal blind. The rods are more related to the vision that helps you see at night, these rods are the ones that are the greatest effected when it comes to the stages of this disease.

There are different variations of this condition and the name retinitis pigmentosa covers a wide verity of the variation of disorders passed down genetically that effect the eye sight. When the condition of retinitis pigmentosa is diagnosed it will depend on the documented progressive loss in the photoreceptor cell function of the electroretinography. Diagnosis can also be made by a vision field test performed by a professional that knows how to test for this condition of retinitis pigmentosa.

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