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Scabies is an infection brought on by a skin parasite called the human itch mite. Microscopic mites will burrow into the top layer of the skin and basically set up a home for itself. It then continues to lay as many eggs as possible which will cause intense symptoms that no one can ignore. A scabies infection is highly contagious to both men and women.

Scabies Symptoms

Symptoms associated with scabies infections are quite obvious and they can start showing anywhere from 1 day to 6 weeks after coming in contact with it. However, the scabies parasites eventually cause the symptoms to begin and you will definitely notice them. The following symptoms can affect parts all over the body or in specific areas including the armpits, wrists, elbows, penis, waist, the skin between the fingers and the nipples.

  • Severe itching
  • A pimple-like rash that includes small blisters and scales.
  • Scratching it will only cause more sores and those new sores can become infected with dangerous and harmful bacteria.
  • Female scabies mites will tunnel through the upper layer of your skin causing tunnels to be easily seen externally. They are often raised when compared to the skin and are shaped crookedly with a gray, white or skin color to them. Tunnels are more commonly found in folds of skin and in between fingers.
  • Rashes on the face and head area are typically only associated with small children and babies as well as rashes on the bottom of the feet and palms of the hands.

Treatment for Scabies

Scabies can be easily treated with a scabicide that is put on infected areas, left for a certain amount of time and then washed off. Do not trust any over the counter medicines, topical creams, pills or treatments for scabies as there are currently none that are approved for such a use. Repeating an infection is quite easy when you don’t complete your treatment or you associate with an infected person. Treating for scabies more than once is very common and most of the time recommended when you continue to feel itchy after your first treatment.

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