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A sinus is an air filled space present in the skull. There are four pairs of sinuses present in the skull. These sinus spaces are lined by a mucous membrane. Sometimes this mucous membrane gets infected causing its inflammation. By themselves these spaces are sterile and contain no bacteria or any other germs. But often they get filled up by mucous on which bacteria growth can take place. There are certain sinus infection home remedies which improve the condition drastically.

The main causative factors for a sinus infection are as follows:

-A deviated nasal septum.

-In cases where the cilia (which are small hairy projections in the sinus) fail to function properly. This condition can arise do to some kind of a medical problem.

-In cases of allergies or severe cold wherein the mucous builds up to such an extent where it blocks the sinus opening and hence causes infection.

The sinus infection needs to be treated as the infection can progress to the chronic stage and remain persistent for a good long time. Sinus infection home remedies are as follows:

-Normal precautions and efforts should be made to reduce the congestion. This can be done by inhaling steam at least 2-3 times in a day. By inhaling steam there is soothing action on the respiratory tract and it also helps to relieve any kind of congestion present in the lungs and also makes the thick secretions loose thereby improving the overall condition of the patient. This is the simplest and the best sinus infection home remedy.

-The suffering individual should drink plenty of water, by doing so the mucous thins down. This would help to relieve the sinus congestion to some extent. At least 3 liters of water should be consumed on a daily basis.

-Moist warm cloth application should be done several times a day.

-Nasal saline spray should be used throughout the day whenever possible.

-Usage of a humidifier improves the nasal decongestion.

-Inhalation of warm air from a hair drier or keeping a warm water bottle near the congested area or even warmth received from an infrared lamp will help in getting relief.

-Apple cider vinegar is known to improve the sinus infection and is one of the known home remedies for treating sinus problems. The effect is generally seen after an hour. Sometimes it takes about a day for it to act. If the condition does not improve even after two days then this home remedy should be discontinued.

-Self massaging is also done. Massaging certain facial areas help in decongestion.

-Irrigating the sinus tract is also done in lot of yoga techniques. By irrigating and sort of rinsing the sinus tract the condition is improved drastically. By practicing these techniques the excess mucous and other debris are washed out of the sinus tract.

-To avoid food which facilitates mucous formation is important especially when an individual is undergoing any treatment for the sinus infection.

-In certain suffering individuals, the causative factor for the sinus infection is not known specially in cases when it is triggered due to some kind of allergy. Hence it is essential to take general care, avoid air pollution and efforts should be made to improve the body immunity. Proper hygiene and care should be taken.

-Various kinds of aromatic oils also help to improve the condition. For example few drops of eucalyptus oil in hot water, one of the easiest sinus infection home remedy.

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