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Skintags (Acrochordons) are small flaps of skin or growths that are usually in a hanging form. Skin tags are harmless growths of excess skin that are prone on certain people according to weight, heredity or other unknown issues. Weight fluctuations can also impact whether or not you develop skintags.

They are most commonly found around your neck, eyelids, back, armpits and under breasts for women with large breasts. However, anywhere you have skin; you are prone to get a skin tag there. The two most common places are the neck and armpits where there is commonly friction with skin and clothing which is what’s thought to be a cause of skintags. Eyelids are another common place to get a skin tag because of people always rubbing their eyes.

Some skin tags can simply rub off over time without you ever knowing you even had one. They can also be referred to as skin tabs, or barnacles. Skintags can vary in appearance but almost always are smaller than a finger nail; pink or brown flesh coloured and usually wrinkled. Early stage skin tags can be smaller than a pin head, while fully grown tags can be anywhere from 2-5mm. Some freak skintags could potentially grow up to 1cm in diameter and some even as big as 5cm.

It is believed that just about all of the general population will have a skin tag at some point in their life. Skintags are normally acquired as you age, most commonly developing around the middle age and becoming more prevalent in the later years. Pregnant women become more prone to skintags because of their increased hormones.

Do not be alarmed if you find a skin tag, they are a benign condition and are not a symptom or sign of any major medical issues.

Skin Tag Removal

Please remember that unless physical appearance of the skin tag, or it being bothersome, they are perfectly normal and healthy and do not require removal. If you do want to remove it there are various safe home remedies you can use to safely remove skintags.

-Most common way to remove a skin tag is with liquid nitrogen from a product like Dr. Scholl’s skin tag remover.

-Another common way is to use floss and tie it around the base and tighten it until the skin tag pops off.

-You can also twister a wire around it until the skin tag comes off.

-Or you can always just cut it off with scissors, with or without an anaesthetic

If you are looking for a simple magical cream, then you are out of luck as no cream has ever been developed to remove skintags thus far.

Do not worry if you accidently cut a skintag off by shaving or some kind of accidental cut. Some may bleed for 10-15 minutes but continuous applied pressure will be more than enough. Skin infection is a rare possibility so just take the usual caution as with any skin cut.

Other skin growths that can look similar to skin tags are moles, warts, and barnacles or “Rice Krispies” (seborrheic keratosis).

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