Social Worker Salary | What’s Their Pay?

Social Worker Salary

Social work as a profession is the most fulfilling avenue of work imaginable. In today’s world of increasing income disparities and poverty, coupled with lack of employment opportunities and the breakdown of most social systems, the number of sufferers has grown tremendously. In light of this disturbing scenario, many people have started taking up social work as a profession. The essence of humanity is lost in the race for money and power to such an extent that some people have to actually step aside and take up this full time job of looking after the less fortunate. This is social work.

On an average, a social worker’s salary on an annual basis is $ 39,500. However, the top 10 per cent earn more than $ 69,090 while the lowest 10 per cent of social workers receive a remuneration of merely $ 28,000 per annum. The school social worker salary is the most at an average of $ 53,000 per annum while the public health social workers receive a salary of roughly $ 35,000 annually.  Social Workers are also employed in general medical and surgical hospitals and nursing care facilities. Thus, social worker’s salary varies depending on the industry. In 2008, 54 per cent of the social workers were employed in healthcare & social assistance industries while 31 per cent were working in government agencies.

Now that you know how much you might earn as a social worker, you should also understand what the job is all about. Well, firstly social work is a calling and is a profession for only those who seriously desire to help other people with no vested interests. As a social worker, you have to assist people cope with day-to-day issues like family problems and relationship problems. Plus, some social workers also help people with disabilities to cope with the parallel mental issues that crop up. You should know that being a social worker is a full time job. Compared to the amount of work, the social worker salary might seem menial. However, the job satisfaction is immense.

Since you deal with people of all ages, from different economic and social strata, you need to have certain educational qualifications and skills. Firstly , a bachelor’s in social work is a minimum requirement to be eligible for a job as a social worker, however if you are looking for a position in the health & school settings, then you need to have a master’s degree in social work. Plus, work experience is an absolute necessity. The salary of a social worker depends on the years of experience in a particular field.

Social Worker Salary Conclusion

As far as the job prospects are concerned, employment for social workers is said to increase by more than 16 per cent by 2018 which is greater than most other occupations. This is because the growing senior population as well as the ageing baby boom generation has increased the demand for social workers especially in the health & social services. Hence, if social work is a true calling for you, then go ahead and fulfill your dream! And that is a look at the social worker salary, if you have any questions feel free to leave a comment below.

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  1. i wanted to be a social worker mostly because of the children that get abused daily …. 😥

  2. 😉 I would like to become a social worker because Im good with people and plus I can relate to the teens no matter what the situation.

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