Stay Healthy With Alkaline Diet

Some of the famous naturopath and nutritionist experts, like authors Robert Young, Edgar Cayce, D. C. Jarvis, Herman Aihara, and Victor A. Marcial-Vega, have since long stated that there is only one sickness (or disease) and only one treatment. The disease is acidity of the blood plasma, or simply increased acidity in the blood, and the treatment is to maintain the alkaline design of the human body, because as per this school of thoughts the human body is alkaline by design and acidic by function.

For many centuries we have known that some substances taste acidic and some taste alkaline. The invention of pH scale made it possible to measure (and in turn, control) the acidity in our body. And now, scientists are attempting to understand the ways of retaining the alkaline structure of our body. One of these ways is the Alkaline diet.

Alkaline diet is nothing but a lifestyle that proposes consumption of certain food, like fresh citrus & low-sugar fruits, vegetables, tubers, nuts, and legumes, and also opposes the consumption of  grains, dairy products, meat, sugar, alcohol, caffeine, fungi, and excessive salt. The idea is to regain and retain the alkaline make of the human body. It is believed the consumption of Alkaline diet leaves an alkaline residue (or ash), of which the principal components are essential minerals, like calcium, iron, magnesium, potassium, zinc, copper, etc.

As experts have emphasized, when there is an acid-alkaline imbalance in the blood, the body takes “whatever” necessary actions are required to stabilize it, which results in to body’s break down, with symptoms ranging from moderate effects like fatigue, allergies yeast overgrowth, & obesity to more severe effects, like osteoporosis and even cancer. Advocates of Alkaline diet believe that it doesn’t only prevent all these diseases, but also increase the bone health.

Alkaline diet creates the minimal alkalinity in blood, ranging from 7.35 to 7.45, which means it maintains the balance between acids and bases (pH) in the body. This balance plays a vital role in helping a body to sustain itself.

If you thinking to embark on Alkaline diet, first make sure to check the acid level in your body from a certified physician, so can set definite and measurable goals and notice any positive effect on your body. Furthermore, it works as a motivational factor to stick to your healthy regime.

However, it is very imperative to note that systematically maintaining the pH balance in your body is far more critical than just hogging on alkaline food like there is no tomorrow. Mindlessly eating alkaline food “will not” contribute towards maintaining your pH level. You will have to discuss with a nutrition-expert to know the right quantity of the Alkaline diet that will help you with all the sufficient nutrients, minerals, and vitamins. If you are overloaded with alkaline in your body, your pH level becomes too alkaline and you may develop Alkalosis.

So, feel free to give a shot to this “lifestyle with a difference”, in a right way, and see how your life is transformed for good. Bon appétit…!

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  1. If you want to regain the healthy lifestyle you use to have before, then better to live healthy all over again with this alkaline diet. Leave the abusive, acidic life and change into the healthy lifestyle to expand longer the your life span, because living acidic ally is one of the cause of the shorter life span.

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