Stevia Side Effects And Dangers

One of the most widely used herbs in this day and age is stevia. It is known for its sweet leaves that are used as a sugar substitute in food products. It is found in major parts of North and South America. Due to its unique quality, it is also known as sugarleaf and sweetleaf. Stevia contains low carbohydrate compared to regular sugar. People suffering from high sugar levels prefer using stevia products in order to satisfy their sweet tooth while taking care of their health at the same time. However, in a recent study, it has been indicated that stevia causes a variety of problems in the body. Stevia side effects are on the rise and its symptoms are as follows:-

Symptoms caused by Stevia

According to a recent survey, people who have been using stevia as a sugar substitute have reported numerous ailments that appear from time to time. Stevia side effects have reported considerable damage to the metabolism. Both the sexes have complained about infertility issues. Both men and women have shown their concern about the adverse effects of stevia on their fertility. It is also known to cause enormous harm to the central nervous system. In rare cases, traces of psychosomatic behaviour have also surfaced. Common fever, headaches, migraines, nausea and weakness are some of the stevia side effects seen largely among the users. The symptoms can get much worse with time. It is highly recommended to immediately stop the usage of stevia sweeteners if any of the above symptoms are reported. The damage it can cause to the central nervous system is irreparable. It is high advised to begin the treatment for stevia side effects as soon as possible.

Treatment for stevia side effects

First and foremost, it is extremely important to make sure the ailments you are facing are caused by stevia. If you are using a sugar substitute, make sure you check the ingredients. If the herb is present, immediately stop the usage and switch to another brand of sugar substitute. When purchasing a new brand, make sure the herb is absent. There are numerous sugar substitutes available in the market that can help you satisfy your need for sweetness. Secondly, it is also advisable to undergo a complete health check-up in order to see the damage stevia side effects have caused your body. Quick treatment will enable you to get rid of any kinds of diseases the herb may have caused.

Sugar substitutes have surely come as a boon for people suffering from high sugar levels. Sugar is an addictive substance that needs to be satisfied whenever you feel the “fit”. In the recent years, there have been numerous sugar substitutes that have helped people to enjoy their favourite candies and other sweet meats. It is highly recommended to try various sugar substitutes and stick with the one that best suits your body. Get rid of stevia side effects today.

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  1. Expecting my 4th baby I am already overweight for my height trying to find as many loop holes to cut in calorie but savor flavor! Not to mention I am getting older and need a better diet.

  2. Heather Shelby

    And I have now found the reason for my 7 week migraines! No sugar substitute of any kind is allowed in my body now. Neither is regular sugar.

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