Symptoms of HIV/AIDS And Treatments

Some symptoms of HIV/AIDS are caused from the disease taking its course. The HIV virus is what can eventually lead to aids. HIV/AIDS is a sexually transmitted disease but is also contracted from the transfer of infected blood.

Most major countries and doctors have come up with antibiotics treatments that can slow the process of HIV/AIDS from destroying your immune system.  Although there is not currently any cure for AIDS, there are scientist and doctors that are steady working on a cure for the disease.

Depending on the phase of the HIV/AIDS virus a persons disease is in may have a vast amount of different symptoms occurring. Sometimes within a few weeks of catching the HIV/AIDS virus a person may have some of the following symptoms.

  • Some Flu like symptoms may occur like a fever or cough
  • Mild sore throat can be a sign combined with other symptoms
  • irritation or swelling in the throat is often times a beginning symptom
  • Headache and a rash can also be early detection hints
  • You may also remain symptom free for many years

In some cases there are no signs of HIV/AIDS for many years but this does not mean that the HIV virus cannot be spread and be transferred to other individual people who come in contact with the disease sexually or by coming in contact with contaminated blood.

After a few years of having HIV/AIDS the symptoms will progress even with treatment but the treatments for this virus will help keep people alive for a lot longer by slowing the destruction of the immune system caused by HIV/AIDS. Here are a few symptoms of progressed symptoms.

  • Some people experience an almost constant diarrhea as one of the symptoms
  • Everybody with HIV/AIDS will have weight loss as the virus destroys the immune system
  • A fever will continue the same as when the virus was first contracted
  • Many individuals will notice a coughing and they will have trouble with breathing

Prevention is the best choice by using protection during sex or the handling of injured people or blood of any situation. If you have symptoms get tested and if you have the virus you will need to start taking treatments and medication to slow the process of the disease.

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