Symptoms of Planters Warts and the Effective Treatment for Them

Having these planters warts into the sole of your feet or in between your fingers will not only bring you an annoying condition but will also give you severe pains once you apply pressure into it. The very contagious root cause of this disease, the human papillomavirus or HPV, are known to thrive on moist areas and usually comes in contact with the foot’s skin. Wearing no protection on the feet like slippers and shoes is very prone to inviting the virus to penetrate into the human body that can further lead into infections.

The spread of the planters warts into the fingers is believe to be due to the scratching routines when the infected area of the skin began to show itchiness.  This itchiness is the early symptom followed by the pain every time a person walks and steps the affected portion of the skin into the ground. The warts can be easily identified thru the dark spot at the center. This is blood vessel that clogged into the warts. By paying immediate attention to the infected areas, the virus can easily spread in many areas of the foot and it can incur more pain during movements.

One of proven effective treatments to planters warts is the duct tape method. The purpose of the tape to be used is to cover the portion of the skin with warts in order to prevent the oxygen from entering thus keeping the affected area dry for a longer period of time. Cutting the supply of the oxygen will slowly kill the virus. You can see the result within seven to ten days. The dead portions will become visible and they should be removed very carefully by a clean scrape or file. You can continue with this specific method until all the warts are completely removed.

The duct tape treatment can be considered as a natural method. And in comparison with this, the use of salicylic acid is another proven natural method to eradicate planters warts. Applying the acid into the affected portions will soften the skin and the removal of the dead cells can be also done by scraping them. Some people who have tried the treatment used emery board in the removal process of the dead skin cells. This solution can take from several weeks up to a month depending on the number of warts present.

These two methods are oftentimes the advice of many people who have been affected by this very transmittable disease. But since the method involves the use of sharp objects during the removal of the dead skin cells, it is also highly recommended that caution in doing the process must be always ensured. Non-sterile files and scalpels can infect the open wounds and can be the cause of the spread because of the very contagious blood. Since the effectiveness of method will depend on how you remove the roots of the planters warts, the processes could really take too long and will not alleviate the being felt pain instantly. It is still advisable to leave to the doctors the treatment or consult them before doing each of treatment process.

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