Tay Sachs Disease Symptoms And Treatment

The world is full of unimaginable and fatal diseases. Every day, you hear of strange diseases that instantly take the life away. Some of these diseases are found in new-born babies and after a few years, they have to surrender to it. Despite of such advancements in technology and medicine, doctors are still finding it difficult to save people from such lethal disorders. Tay sachs disease is one of the deadly disorders that is seen in babies in the first few months of birth. The disease only gets worse with time and by the age of five, the child is no more. It is a genetic disorder that cannot be repaired under any circumstances. Some of the symptoms of tay sachs are as follows:-

Symptoms of tay sachs

Tay sachs is usually detected when the child is six months old. There are numerous symptoms which indicate the presence of the disease in the body. The child suffers from partial blindness and deafness which gets worse with time. The child is also unable to swallow food or liquids. There is a red colour tinge in the eyes which is known to be the first noticeable sign of the deadly disease. Slowly and steadily, there is a decrease in motor skills and the child may suffer from occasional fits. In some cases, an abnormal increase in the size of the head is also noticed.

Tay sachs is also known to affect an infant at a later stage in life. In some rare cases, it is seen that children at the age of 5 to 10 have shown signs of the disease that can cause death in a few years. In extremely rare cases, some people have also been diagnosed with this disease at the age of 20 to 30.

Treatment of tay sachs

In spite of tay sachs being such a dangerous diseases, there has not been a cure till date. No medicine or surgery can solve this ailment. Since it is a genetic disease, there are absolute zero chances of it being vanished. The disease only gets worse with time and its control is beyond the reach of humans. However, the research on tay sachs has been consistent over the past few years and scientists and chemists are constantly working on its cure. In a few years from now, there may be a possibility of getting rid of tay sachs permanently.

The tay sachs disease is hugely found in the Ashkenazi Jews. They are considered to be the main carriers of this disease since numerous years. There have been hundreds and thousands of such cases in the Jewish families. Gene therapy is considered to be a major possibility in curing the disease in the future. It has shown remarkable improvement in several such fatal diseases and may work wonders in the treatment of tay sachs.

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