The Beano Side Effects

This is an article about both the beano side effects and effects of beano.


Some healthy foods can cause a person to accumulate too much gas inside the digestive tract. Gas-forming foods include vegetables like cauliflower, broccoli and cabbage; also, grains can create gas in the digestive system, together with beans, whole-grain breads and nuts.


Beano is a dietary supplement that is taken by patients who are experiencing indigestion characterized by frequent flatulence, feeling of being bloated and gastrointestinal discomfort.


The body sometimes lacks the enzymes needed to digest food completely, which is why there are instances wherein a person feels so much discomfort in the abdominal area. This is caused by the inability of the digestive system to digest certain foods because there are not enough enzymes to do the job and this will lead to gas being formed in the digestive tract. This is why Beano can help in absorbing and digesting certain foods that are taken.


This enzyme that is found in Beano tablets or liquid form is called the alpha-glucosidase. This ingredient of Beano is the enzyme that helps in metabolizing gas-forming foods by producing simple sugars from complex carbohydrates.


But, this ingredient creates risks for people who are known to have diabetes or people who have galactosemia, a rare condition in which there is a problem in metabolizing the simple sugar called galactose.


Why does Beano impose risks to diabetics? It is because the ingredient alpha-glucosidase that is a component of Beano has the capability to produce simple sugars from complex carbohydrates. This process could increase the blood sugar level in diabetics and we all know that increased blood sugar level for diabetics could place them in great danger.


To maximize the effects of Beano, it would be best to take the drug before eating gas-forming foods or it could be taken in coherent with the food that you will eat by crushing or mixing it with the food. Two to three tablets of Beano should do the trick and this should be taken with every gas-forming meal that you will have. In that way, you can save yourself from feeling too much discomfort by preventing the food you eat to develop gas.


Beano can be taken by children aged twelve years old and up. If you are a pregnant or a lactating woman, it is best for you to seek advice from your trusted physician for there is still no update on whether Beano can produce harmful effects to your condition. If you are allergic to certain things like penicillin, it is not a worry to take Beano since there is no scientific explanation on whether Beano can cause an allergic reaction.


Since it has been said that Beano is not considered a drug but a natural product, it does not cause that much harm to the body. You should just know that if you are experiencing conditions mentioned above (diabetes, galactosemia, pregnant or lactating), it is best for you to visit your physician first before taking anything that is new to you. It is better to be safe than to be sorry  later. But overall Beano side effects are in most cases non-existent.

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