The Chlorella Benefits and The Side Effects

This article will go over the Chlorella benefits and then touch on the Chlorella side effects.


Chlorella is known to be green algae that require only water, sunlight and carbon dioxide for it to be able to reproduce. What people do not know is that this type of algae can be an excellent source of protein and other nutrients. Fat, calories and vitamins can also be found in chlorella.


Chlorella can be acquired in many forms and two of the usual forms are in tablet or liquid. This type of green algae can also be seen and acquired through food formula as additives, can also be in powdered form and in capsule form. Sometimes, it is a usual add-on in restaurants or juice bars that caters nutritional foods.


Chlorella is also a very good supplement when it comes to certain diseases. It can provide nutrition to patients who are under the treatment of cancer. Chlorella has a detoxifying effect for whenever there are cellular wastes that are generated from the cancer treatment; chlorella cleanses the dirt that is formed from the treatment for cancer. An approximate of 20grams of this type of algae will give more tolerance for patients, who have brain tumors, during chemotherapy and radiation therapy.


Those who get easily tired or in other words, feel fatigued almost every day can also benefit from the wonders of chlorella. Because of its nutritional effects, chlorella enhances treatment for easy fatigability.


People who have fibromyalgia can also experience chlorella benefits. Fibromyalgia is a condition wherein so much pain in their tendons and muscles is experienced by the patient characterized by bruise-like and tender feeling. 10grams of chlorella a day can help relieve the pain felt by any person suffering from fibromyalgia.


Ulcerative colitis is another condition that could benefit from the effects of Chlorella. In ulcerative colitis what happens is that the person experiences severe diarrhea accompanied with mucus and blood. Chlorella helps in decreasing the inflammatory effects of ulcerative colitis. Also chlorella can decrease the frequency of passing out of stool that can help avoid further dehydration.


What is good is that the chlorella benefits outweigh the side effects. One of the side effects of taking this supplement is a person can feel an upset stomach on the first time that he or she tries out taking this supplement. But as the time will go by, the digestive tract will become used to the supplement therefore minimizing the upset stomach that the person may feel. Another side effect of chlorella is the feeling of tiredness. Usually this happens because of the detoxifying effect that chlorella does to the body. And since chlorella is a green type of algae, what happens is that people who take this supplement usually experience passing out stools that are green in color.


Note that these are some of the common side effects of chlorella and almost all the time it is expected. But bare in mind that side effects that last for a long time and does not cease means that there is a problem already and the supplement may be producing harmful effects to the body.

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