The Colonoscopy Prep Diet

Colonoscopy means viewing the colon using a scope. It is usually done to check for any suspected problem in the colon, or if the person has a family history of colon disorders. This may be done annually to have a regular check on the condition of the colon.

The procedure itself is not really invasive however it needs some preparation because the person needs to have a clean colon for the doctor to have a clearer view. There are many colonoscopy prep diet before the procedure and this preparation are usually given by the doctor to achieve the desired outcome. This preparation should be followed seriously by the person because if not, this may hinder the doctor from doing the procedure and postponed it for another day.

If the person, who is about to undergo colonoscopy, is on iron supplement he may be advised to stop it five days before the procedure because this may cause bleeding. It is also much better if the person will inform the doctor about all the medication he or she is taking at the moment to avoid any adverse effect.

As part of the colonoscopy prep diet, the person may also be advised to have a low-residue diet three days before the exam. This may include bread, white rice, fruits (like apple, pineapple, apricot, honeydew, bananas, pears, and peaches), and vegetables (like potato, carrot, cucumber, squash, and pumpkin) but avoid the skin and seeds, meat, and other light foods. Dark coloured foods should be avoided as these may give false-negative result during the colonoscopy.

One day before the procedure, the patient may be advised of not taking any heavy meals or to take only breakfast meal; a piece of bread is good or a hardboiled egg. Since the person is not allowed to take meals anymore, he will be directed to have lots of fluid to keep him hydrated. But avoid drinking dark coloured beverages like chocolate drinks, grape-flavoured juices, or sports drinks that has dark colour. This preparation is also known as the clear liquid diet.

The colonoscopy prep diet on the day of the procedure is actually nothing. Meaning the person is not allowed to take anything by mouth except for the medication to be taken to help clear out the colon. Laxative medications are given to the person and as a result of the aforementioned diet; a liquid bowel is expected and free of any solid matter.

There should be no side effect for the aforementioned colonoscopy prep diet; but if there are any untoward effects, consult the doctor right away. If the person feels nauseated because of the medication or the mixture, stop drinking the mixture and have some few walks and have a hot drink. If the feeling of nausea continues to vomiting, stop drinking the mixture. Rest the stomach for a while with a hot drink. It is important for the person to defecate and if still there is no bowel movement, continue taking the medication or the mixture.

After the procedure, the person may not be allowed to drive or go to work and should have some rest because of the preparation and the procedure he underwent.

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