The Dukan Diet Plan – A Look At The Dukan Diet Attack Phase

There are so many diets out there but not one that allows sweeteners. However the Dukan diet is the first ever diet plan that allows you to consume sweeteners as well. It’s amazing how one can lose weight while still taking sweeteners. The diet is based around the fact that most people are plain sugar addicts. Therefore this diet has been specially designed for such people who cannot give up sugar. The fact is that we do not need sugar to survive yet we consume it. This was the fact that the diet took into consideration.

The Dukan diet recommends all its followers to transit from real sugar to artificial sweeteners. This will help you get used to it while switching to healthier meal choices while on the diet. Finally there will come a point when you will be able to give it up all together. Because the major fact is that our bodies do not need a single gram of sugar to continue functioning. But it recommends not to quit sugar altogether. If you do that while on the Dukan diet you will only end up crash dieting and trying to make up for the lack of sugar by stuffing yourself with more and more food. This diet even gives us some clever tricks for cutting down sugar from our diet.

The first Dukan diet tip is to stop adding sugar to your tea or coffee. Initially you won’t be able to do that but it encourages you to try by first switching to artificial sweeteners. Finally there will come a time when you won’t even like tea or coffee with sugar in it. This transition is made easier with the help of the Dukan diet. At the same time the diet encourages you to try out green tea or white tea like Roobios or pu-erh tea which are good for our health and also help in weight loss. Another recommendation is to totally quit drinking all concentrated juices. They have no real fruit in it and are loaded with sugar. This is why Dukan diet totally condemns them. They are not healthy for us at all. The same goes with cold drinks. This diet encourages you to quit them too. And if you are addicted to it you can try switching to diet coke.

There are 4 main phases involved with the dukan diet:

1. Attack Phase – Regime of pure proteins to kick start your diet with fast noticeable results.

2. Cruise Phase – Vegetables added to the pure proteins to help you gradually meet your natural weight.

3. Consolidation Phase – The most important time of the dukan diet. This is the phase where you have the greatest chance to put your weight back on. This phase was specifically constructed to prevent any weight gain spikes using 5 days of consolidation for every pound shedded.

4. Stabilization Phase – This is from when you hit your target weight that you want to maintain. It involves taking 3 tablespoons of oat bran every day, Pure Protein attack day once a week, and of course taking the stairs, instead.

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