The Powerful Lentil Soup Benefits

Perhaps there is no food as powerful as the lowly lentil that Esau even traded his birth right for the lentil soup that his brother Jacob has made.  Esau knew somehow that the soup made from lentil will surely give him the needed strength and some muscles on his bone.  Lentils come in many varieties and colors that they can be appetizing enough just by looking at them if you have an eye for matching what color goes great with what then you’re on your way to creating the most appetizing and healthy entrée ever.

Lentils based dishes are popular in India and also in the Middle East.  Lentils are delightful as soups, patties and croquettes and can also be used in stews, casseroles and even salads.  They are simple to prepare and fast enough to be served and full of healthy goodness (not to mention inexpensive) that is just right for everyone in the family.  Be sure to wash the lentils thoroughly prior to cooking and avoid overdoing it unless you are preparing a baby food out of it.

Lentils are good source of vitamins and minerals such as potassium, folate and iron.  They are good in providing niacin too.  Consumption of lentils showed some improvement on diseases such as:

  • · Reduced risk of coronary heart disease
  • · Help reduce triglycerides
  • · Has the ability to lower cholesterol level
  • · Can provide needed high fiber for diabetic persons

Although there is canned lentil soup out there in the market, it is still best to prepare your own lentil soup because most of the canned goods contain high concentration of salt and preservative.  Making your own lentil soup is not that hard to do, in fact you can even make a soup mix that you can store away in a jar and pick up when needed.  For a simple soup mix recipe you will need 16 oz. of each: lentils, pearl barley, green split peas; 8 oz. shaped macaroni (twists, alphabet, bow or elbow); 1/2 c. parsley flakes; 1/2 c. celery flakes; 1 c. onion flakes; 1 ½ t. each of white pepper and thyme.  Just mix everything and place in a jar with a tight lid (this is the reason for having dry ingredients instead of using fresh ones) and store in a dry place.  If you want to have some lentil soup for the day just mix 1 cup of the soup mix, 4 cups of water (or stock to make it tastier), 1 cup chopped cooked meat (to add body) then bring to boil and simmer for 45 minutes or until peas are cooked then season to taste.

Having a lentil soup is a refreshing addition to everyday meal aside from the fact that it is truly nutritious.  Try some today and experience the wonderful benefits it can bring to your body and you might want to add them to your meals every now and then.  There are many ways you can serve and prepare the soup; they are limited to your imagination.

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