The Several Types Of Phimosis Treatment

Those boys or men who haven’t been circumcised are exposed to the danger of getting phimosis. This is a condition which happens when the foreskin of a male penis cannot be moved back or pulled fully thus causing problems. When boys grow older their foreskin should become retractable. If not its best to get phimosis treatment while the boys are still young as if you delay it for later age it can cause more problems for the person. If when a boy is two or three years old you notice that this skin of his penis is not loosening up you should seek help from an expert doctor for phimosis treatment. Sometimes mothers fail to recognize this condition as it doesn’t cause much problem for young boys. But as they grow older, if they don’t get phimosis treatment they face difficulty in retracting their skin. Without phimosis treatment they will begin to face difficulty in urinating, the penis might also get sore or red and especially when having sexual intercourse it can cause problems if phimosis treatment is not sought.

The phimosis treatment ranges from minor non – invasive steps to more elaborate surgical procedures. Therefore if you sense that your young boy is having any tightening problem you should seek phimosis treatment right away. There are several different procedures for phimosis treatment. Some involve the use of steroid creams with the practice of pulling the skin back and forth to loosen it. Sometimes for phimosis treatment you might need to get the pulling back and forth procedure to be done by expert balloon inflations that helps in greater stretching. Another phimosis treatment that is quite controversial as well is called circumcision. Many religions require young boys to have this phimosis treatment while other people argue against it.

In some cases this condition occurs all of a sudden in which case the circumcision type of phimosis treatment is required straight away. This situation can also happen to women in which case phimosis treatment in the form of surgery is the only way out. For women phimosis treatment is quite minor. The phimosis treatment carried out on women through surgery is called hoodectomy. This type of phimosis treatment involves removing a tiny bit of tissue to allow the clitoris more exposure and flexibility. This is not a serious problem but with phimosis treatment women feel enhanced pleasure during sexual intercourse.

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  1. Phimosis Treatment

    It is also important to note that there are many pros and cons when considering phimosis treatment. Conservative treatments such as steroid creams can be helpful if the sufferer is still young, while a circumcision procedure can come at the cost of lost sensitivity of the glans.

    Many doctors now recommend that parents wait till the child is well into their teens before deciding on surgery. In many cases, patients can see a spontaneous resolution of their phimosis. Another aspect to consider is the psychological effect on the patient. It isn’t uncommon for phimosis patients to suffer from some level of self-consciousness that may hinder their sex lives.

    In short, phimosis is a far more complex problem than many portray it out to be. Careful consideration should be given to all aspects of the problem before making a decision on whether, how and when to treat this problem.

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