The Top Cholesterol Lowering Foods

It is vital to include cholesterol lowering foods in your diet whether you have heart problems or other diseases or not. This is because of the obvious reason, in order to help your body to function at its best all the time. The benefits can be endless. For one, it lowers your risks of having strokes or heart attacks. In addition, you will have the opportunity to turn more dreams into reality as a healthy body is needed to carry out what is in the mind. Below are the list of the top foods that can significantly cut down your saturated and trans fat.


Oats –This can never be removed from the list of cholesterol lowering foods as it is rich in soluble fiber. It plays a key role in trimming down your bad cholesterol or LDL. Oats has the properties that can get rid of LDL with some help from your digestive system. If you are not really a fan of oats, you can consider other alternatives such as apples, beans, legumes, barley, prunes and others.


Fishes with omega-3 –Salmons, tunas, anchovies, sardines and other similar fishes that contain essential fatty acids like omeha-3 must be included on your regular diet too. Such cholesterol lowering foods do you two jobs. Aside from lowering your LDL, it can also increase the level of the good cholesterol or HDL. Scientific studies have proven that such foods can aid in keeping high blood pressure at bay; thereby lessening the chance of having heart diseases.


Meats –In contrast to the popular notion, you still need meats even if you are working on your HDL levels. This is because they have other components that are essential to the operation of your body such as protein. Meats such as veal, lamb, and beef have visible fats. This is what can cause harmful effects on your body. You can deal with them by considering how you will prepare this group of cholesterol lowering foods. You can take it away or cut down on them depending on how high is your LDL levels. If you will do this, it will be best to do so while the meat is raw as it will be harder, not to mention tempting if you would do this when it is cooked.


In addition, you can brown them without oil. You can also stay away from processed meats such as ham, bacon and sausages as they are the ones with highest fat content. Also, you can complement your trimmed meats by serving them with vegetables like celery, radishes, carrots, pickles, pimiento, paprika, cucumbers, mushrooms, onions and other garnishes instead of gravy and other fatty dips.


Fruits are always considered as cholesterol lowering foods excluding some exceptions such as coconut and avocado. You should eat an appropriate amount of them every day. Pick some of your choice. Eating smart food choices is one of the keys in order to keep soaring LDL levels at bay. Start including these top cholesterol lowering foods in your diet today.

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  1. Could you possably send me a full list of foods that I should not eat, so to lower my very high cholesterol level. Help please.

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