Truth About Oral Thrush | It’s Symptoms and Treatments

Thrush mouth (as others call it), popularly known as Oral thrush is a kind of fungal infection in the mouth.  A fungus known as Candida Albicans grows quietly unchecked in the mouth’s lining until it becomes an infection and that will be the only time that you will take notice (if you are having one).  Its typical manifestation is creamy lesions that can be painful.  They are usually found on the tongue or the inside of the cheeks. The usual thing a person will do when having this infection is to scrape the white stuff but doing so can cause bleeding that might only worsen the situation and can spread to the gums, roof of mouth and even down the throat that might bring discomfort in swallowing.

Oral thrush victims can be anyone but it is prevalent in babies, toddlers, and adults belonging to senior group.  The infection is considered a minor problem for people with strong immune system but for those with weak immunity it can be a serious burden and the usual symptoms are:

  • · Creamy white lesions in the mouth specifically on the tongue and inside of the cheeks that can spread to the gums, tonsils, the roof of the mouth and as far as the throat.
  • · It can be painful to very painful.
  • · If you try to scrape off the white stuff it will bleed leaving some open wound that can only worsen the situation.

The symptoms can begin almost suddenly and can persist for a long time with varying intensity of pain.

There are available medication capsules for curing oral thrush by destroying the yeast but it cannot solve the inability of your body to control the infections cause by the yeast if you happen to have a weak immune system.  The best way to cure oral thrush is by bringing your body a sort of balance.  People with immune deficiency (such as the cases of HIV victims) will find it very difficult to deal with the problem because it can spread to the throat that will make it hard for them to swallow food and even water.  The infection can spread to the intestines and can also affect the liver, lungs and the digestive tract.  Consult your physician regarding the best way to ease the problems brought about by the infection and the quickest relief you can take.

There are ways to reduce the risk of having oral thrush (since it usually comes suddenly) you should guard yourself now in order to spare your mouth from having one.  It is advisable to regularly rinse your mouth, eat yoghurt that is fresh-cultured with lactobacilli (good for the intestine as well) or bifid bacterium, if you are taking antibiotics take it with acidophilus.  Keep your immune level at its peak by eating well balanced diet and avoiding elements that can deteriorate the immune system fast like smoking.  Too much alcohol can also destroy some beneficial bacteria in your body that is keeping your body balanced.  Start living a healthy lifestyle by having regular exercise like walking everyday for 30 minutes (start at 15 minutes and gradually increase your walking time) and see if that dreadful infection will come your way.

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